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Veeam and HPE integration delivers high availability, assured compliance

The partnership between Veeam and HPE was strong and was reinforced by a lot of good material evidence. It was clear also that there had been a great deal of testing conducted in labs. All of these factors gave us extra confidence that this was the right direction to take.
John Sew Hoy
Director, Head of IT Security, First New Zealand Capital

Facing relentless pressure to deliver on 24/7 customer demands while adhering to wide-ranging regulatory requirements, financial institutions around the world turn to HPE technology partner, Veeam. That’s because Veeam and HPE have a long, successful partnership delivering integrated and automated data management solutions that enable financial services organizations to keep their data highly available, protected, and compliant.

HPE storage and backup systems are renowned for their performance, reliability, and scalability. And Veeam is leading the industry in hyper-availability software. Together, we provide fully tested, readyto- deploy solutions that enable financial services organizations to meet today’s customer and industry demands.

The key is tight integration of Veeam software with HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble tier one storage, as well as HPE StoreOnce backup solutions. Through the intuitive, graphical Veeam interface, anyone in IT can schedule and manage snapshots, create non-disruptive backups from those snapshots, and restore from either the snapshots or backups with ease. The workload can be virtual or physical, on-premises or in the cloud— everything is managed through a single user interface. And because of its simplicity, no dedicated admin is required.

Stronger data protection with less effort

Through our joint solutions, HPE and Veeam enable financial services organizations to deliver on ever-tightening data availability SLAs, and fully leverage data to drive digital transformation. Our solutions are cost-optimized to minimize administration and reduce downtime by up to 94% compared to the industry average, with a recovery time objective (RTO) of just five minutes and a recovery point objective (RPO) of 15 minutes. That’s a lot less investigation and remediation time, which can be better spent on revenue-generating projects. Moreover, HPE and Veeam provide a very simple solution—easy to install, easy to use, and easily applied to all types of applications.

Especially important: HPE and Veeam have proven the value of our joint solutions with financial services organizations around the world. For example, a fast-growing commercial banking group in Italy struggled to complete backups of critical customer-facing applications within 24 hours. By deploying Veeam Backup & Replication software integrated with HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE StoreOnce systems, the bank can now complete multiple data backups per day to ensure availability and meet customer expectations. The HPE and Veeam solution also saves the bank nearly 200 hours per year in data recovery time, easing regulatory compliance pressure. And efficient data duplication, allowing more backups in less space, lowers the bank’s total cost of ownership.

In another example, a French fintech start-up that created a digital payment collection solution, leverages Veeam and HPE to ensure high availability of 13 TB of financial data. Veeam’s native integration with the company’s existing HPE 3PAR and HPE StoreOnce infrastructure enables it to take VM snapshots in less than one minute and complete backups of all 410 VMs in 35 minutes. This enables the company to live up to its 99.99% service continuity commitment to customers, while spending less than three hours per week managing the solution.

High availability for a mobile, digitalized world

As in these customer examples, financial services organizations can leverage integrated HPE and Veeam solutions to deliver 24/7 data availability and accelerate backup and recovery to meet demanding customer expectations. HPE and Veeam also provide enterprise-wide visibility and control over backups, sophisticated techniques to defend against cyberthreats, and automated disaster recovery testing to demonstrate compliance with an evergrowing array of industry and government financial regulations. Importantly, we make it remarkably easy to achieve all these capabilities.

For the ultimate data protection in today’s mobile, digitalized society, financial services organizations around the world can count on HPE and Veeam.

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Customer at a glance


Integrated data backup and recovery to assure high availability for financial services


  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage
  • HPE Nimble Storage
  • HPE StoreOnce Backup


  • Veeam Backup & Replication


Protect financial data to meet customer demand for 24/7 availability and assure regulatory compliance


IT Matters

  • Reduces downtime by up to 94%, with 5 minute RTO and 15 minute RPO
  • Streamlines backup and recovery regardless of workload type or location
  • Saves one bank nearly 200 hours per year in data recovery time

Business Matters

  • Lowers total cost of ownership by improving efficiency and simplifying administration
  • Supports a 99.99% service continuity commitment to customers
  • Enables demonstrable compliance with regulations