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Ingenico Turkey offers added value in payment systems for the top firms in Turkey thanks to Veeam solutions.

We provide merchants with a comprehensive range of payment services, so purchases made by their customers are fast, seamless and secure. Veeam helps us make sure the IT platform that supports our services is always available.
Ercan Erol
Platform IT Manager
Ingenico Turkey

Ingenico leverages Veeam solutions to increase capacity.

As per Tax Procedural Law General Communique No. 426 issued on October 1, 2013, Value Added Tax Taxpayers who use portable EFT-POS devices for their operations under No. 3100 are obligated to utilize new generation Payment Recording Devices (PRDs) with EFT-POS feature.

To offer next generation POS cash register services according to this communique, Ingenico Turkey, which was previously offering EFT POS devices to businesses via banks, established the TSM center where all transactions are managed through a single center. TSM has become a successful and safe platform where all Ingenico field operation services, call centers and business transactions are monitored.

Currently offering services for 250,000 devices in 200,000 companies, Ingenico needed Veeam Availability Suite due to its ever-increasing capacity.

“When slow backup and data recovery began to threaten TSM’s availability, we proactively decided to replace our legacy backup solution,” said Ercan Erol, platform IT manager at Ingenico Turkey. In the past, if we started backing up in the evening, it would run until the morning and this would slow down the business-critical processes in the production environment including updating the POS cash register terminals. Recovery was slow as well, sometimes taking hours when it should have taken minutes.”

After their research, Erol and his colleagues came up with two solutions: One of them was Veeam Availability Suite.

The Veeam Solution

Ingenico Turkey replaced its legacy backup solution with Veeam in order to maintain its market presence in an ever-growing POS cash register market.

“We provide merchants with a comprehensive range of payment services, so purchases made by their customers are fast, seamless and secure,” Erol said. “Veeam helps us make sure that TSM, a critical part of this process, is always backed up and available.”

Veeam backs up 55TB data on 180 VMware vSphere virtual machines (VM) so fast that Ingenico Turkey’s backup time is reduced by 77% (from 15 hours to 3.5 hours). This means that there is no impact on our production environment and POS terminals.

Recovery speed with Veeam is five times faster, with processes taking minutes, not hours thanks to its two features: Instant VM Recovery and Instant File-Level Recovery. High-speed recovery combined with high-speed backup helps Ingenico Turkey meet SLAs.

Veeam also supports compliance with PCI DSS, a set of policies and procedures that merchants must follow to optimize the security of credit, debit and cash card transactions. Veeam’s built-in, end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption helps firms protect backed-up information against misuse.

Furthermore Veeam is offering comprehensive monitoring and analysis features to Ingenico Turkey. Therefore IT team can proactively take precautions against issues before they become major problems that damage business.

“Now we know ahead of time if we need to add more CPU, memory and storage,” Erol said. “We have now reached a level of visibility we have never seen before, which means we can be proactive and plan for the future. It is really helpful to know ahead of time what our future infrastructure needs will be so we can budget for them.”

There’s one more thing that Ingenico Turkey appreciates about Veeam: Technical support.

“We worked with Veeam’s technical support team during deployment because we had a network issue,” Erol explained. “They responded immediately and helped us fix our issue fast. They are professionals who have a deep understanding of Veeam solutions.”

The Results

  • Supports the availability of TSM platform for Ingenico Turkey’s member merchants.
    Veeam helps Ingenico Turkey make sure that TSM, a vital component of its payment ecosystem, is available all the time. TSM has a major role in ensuring the fluidity of each purchase made by the companies’ customers.
  • Reduces backup window by 77%, making it easier to meet SLA agreements.
    “Backup is so much faster with Veeam, and we can recover VMs and files instantly, which we would not be possible with legacy backup systems,” Erol said. “Fast backup and recovery help us meet SLAs with companies.”
  • Supports compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
    Veeam’s built-in encryption helps secure customers’ credit card data during a backup before it leaves the network perimeter, while in movement during transfer and at rest in its target destination.


Ingenico Turkey is part of the Ingenico Group, a world leader in seamless payment services for over 32 million terminals across 170 countries. A global leader in end-to-end payment systems, Ingenico Group purchased its distributor company in Turkey in 2007 and entered the Turkish market directly. Ingenico is known as a brand offering versatile and user-friendly solutions that provides maximum reliability, thanks to its proven technology, industry-leading standards and ergonomics. Ingenico Group offers its rich product/solution portfolio that includes EFTPOS, POS cash register and payment solutions through its solution partners throughout the world, and also participates in exclusive projects in vertical markets. In addition to its experience in EFTPOS, Ingenico Turkey also obtained a cash register license from the Turkish Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration in 2015 and became a “Licensed Cash Register Company”.

Ingenico Turkey offers payment solutions to meet the needs of the businesses in order to provide fast, smooth and safe purchases for their customers.


  • Supports the availability of Ingenico Turkey’s TSM platform.
  • Reduces backup window by 77%, making it easier to meet SLA agreements.
  • Supports compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).