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Johnson Matthey protects data and people by deploying Veeam

Johnson Matthey is a global leader in sustainable technologies that enable a cleaner and healthier world. In JM IT we deliver secure IT solutions, services and digital technology that meet business priorities - delivered at pace, drive value and meet the JM vision. As part of our infrastructure improvement programme we deployed Veeam. It was the right solution, allowing us to consolidate a number of regional datacentres into three co-located facilities across the globe. We had the ability to scale easily, keep costs low with the use of commodity hardware, have built-in cloud tiering features and implement a centralised management portal. During the outset of the pandemic, this not only allowed IT to protect business data, but also protect our employees by removing the need to attend remote sites to manage backups.
Daniel Sales
Senior Manager, Cloud & Datacenters (CDC) Team
Johnson Matthey

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