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March 12, 2024
Duration: 00:48

Cloud Migration and Maturity: A Framework to Data Freedom

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cloud-migration-and-maturity-a-framework-to-data-freedom video

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As organizations continue to transform their IT infrastructure to meet modern demands and drive efficiency, the way we build, host and deliver applications is constantly evolving. "Digital Transformation" is a marketing buzz-phrase that has been thrown around for 30+ years. One of the most significant impacts to Digital Transformation has been the rapid migration of physical and virtualized workloads from on-premises to cloud-hosted, as well as maturation to a cloud-native model. But does that mean the data center is dead? Absolutely not. There are many ways to map the evolution - and data management is no exception.

In this interactive webinar with Veeam experts Sam Nicholls and Michael Cade they discuss the 10 Rs of cloud migrations, including when to retain on-prem, when to move to the cloud, and the different paths that can take. They will also outline a framework that practically and methodically lays out migration and transformation considerations for applications and infrastructure along a cloud-informed maturity model. Watch to dive deeper into:

• Your role and responsibility when it comes to protecting on-prem, cloud-hosted and cloud-native environments
• How data protection tooling can be an enabler of cloud migration and maturation, not a blocker
• How to effectively manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments, the gold standard for modern organizations
• Best practices for re-hosting workloads in a lift and shift model to innovative storage options.
• And more!


Michael Cade
Michael Cade
Senior Global Technologist, Kasten
Sam Nicholls
Sam Nicholls
Sr. Director, Product Marketing – Cloud & Kubernetes, Veeam Software
Sam Nicholls is the Sr. Director of Public Cloud Product Marketing at Veeam, with 10+ years of sales, alliance management and product marketing experience in IT. Sam has evolved from his on-premises storage days and is now laser-focused on spreading the word about cloud-native backup and recovery, packing in thousands of viewers on his webinars, blogs and webpages. When he isn’t spending time with power users from the AWS, Azure and GCP communities, he can be found dressed up as a prince or a pony while watching “The Mandalorian” with his daughter and son.
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