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Data freedom

Data Portability

Protect all your data, anywhere, any way with zero lock‑in
Data Freedom

Veeam’s Approach to Data Freedom

With data protection purpose-built for all environments, unified in a single platform and common file format, you’re never locked in or out of new technology when you want it. Veeam gives you confidence and resilience for today, and freedom to innovate for what’s next.

What you do with your data should be up to you, no matter where that data lives. With Veeam, you get the industry leader in purpose-built data protection and unmatched portability across the hybrid cloud.

Protect All Your Data, Anywhere,  Any Way With Zero Lock-In

Relentless Security

Secure access and management of data to overcome ransomware and other cyberthreats.

Fast, Reliable Recovery

Powerful recovery options that keep businesses productive with near-zero recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Zero Compromise

Zero-fuss backup that meets service level agreements (SLAs) and budgetary requirements across the hybrid cloud.

Key Cloud Protection Data Trends


of organizations brought workloads back to their data centers


use a third‑party backup product or BaaS to back up M365


are running production workloads from a cloud


anticipate utilizing cloud‑based data protection (BaaS or DRaaS)

Sources: 2023 Veeam Data Protection Report, 2023 Veeam Ransomware Trends Report

Data Freedom

Veeam Data
Freedom Advantages

Keep your data safe, no matter where or how. You’re not stuck – we’ve got your back!

  • Broad Workload Coverage

    Expand native support for all of your critical workloads.

  • Infrastructure Observability

    Optimize reliability and cost across your choice of infrastructure.

  • Multi‑Cloud Mobility

    Move data to, from and across platforms for complete control and flexibility.

Hybrid Cloud

Own Your Data in Any Cloud

Have full control, better protection and seamless management over data in the Hybrid Cloud.


Protect All Your Data, Anywhere

Freedom of Choice

Ultimate flexibility with 100% software-defined and hardware–agnostic solutions.

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Backup

Hybrid- and multi-cloud resiliency with secure, cost-optimized, cloud-native backup and recovery.

Cloud Mobility

Backup, recover and migrate to, from and across any cloud.

Kubernetes Backup

Native backup/restore, DR and app mobility for Kubernetes.

SaaS Backup

Secure backup and recovery for Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.

Recovery to the Cloud

Extra resilience through cloud-based disaster recovery with orchestrated Direct Restore to Azure.

Automated Cloud Recovery Validation

Get your time back by automating manual post-recovery tasks when recovering an on-premises workload into Microsoft Azure.

Reporting and Analytics

Leverage 150+ pre-built reports for decision-making and analysis, including infrastructure performance and configuration assessments.

Veeam Data Platform

Radical Resilience to Keep Your Business Running

Radical resilience can only come from having complete confidence in your protection, response and recovery. Veeam Data Platform provides unmatched data portability across the hybrid cloud.

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What is Veeam’s vision for Data Freedom?
Veeam's Data Freedom empowers businesses with seamless data accessibility and control. It embodies the principle of data being easily transferable, accessible, and manageable across diverse environments without boundaries.
How does Veeam Data Freedom ensure seamless data mobility?
Veeam Data Freedom integrates advanced data management capabilities with multi-platform support, ensuring frictionless data transfers between on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.
Is Veeam Data Freedom compatible with various cloud service providers?
Yes, Veeam Data Freedom is designed to be agnostic, supporting major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more, ensuring comprehensive data mobility across platforms.
How does Data Freedom support data sovereignty and compliance?
Veeam Data Freedom offers tools and integrations for data residency management, ensuring that businesses can meet data sovereignty requirements and maintain compliance across different jurisdictions.
Can I manage data permissions and access controls with Data Freedom?
Absolutely. Veeam Data Freedom gives users granular control over data permissions, allowing them to define who can access, modify, or transfer data, ensuring secure data operations.
How does Veeam Data Freedom integrate with my existing IT infrastructure?
Veeam Data Freedom is built for adaptability. It integrates smoothly with popular infrastructure setups, be it legacy systems, modern data centers, or hybrid clouds, without necessitating major overhauls.
Does Data Freedom offer real-time data synchronization across platforms?
Yes, Veeam Data Freedom ensures that data remains consistent across platforms with real-time synchronization features. This ensures that changes made in one environment are reflected everywhere.
What kind of support and training does Veeam offer for Data Freedom?
Veeam provides a robust support ecosystem for Data Freedom, including detailed documentation, video guides, webinars, and dedicated customer support teams to ensure seamless user experience.
How does Veeam Data Freedom handle potential data transfer bottlenecks?
Veeam Data Freedom utilizes advanced algorithms and optimization techniques to ensure high-speed data transfers, effectively managing bandwidth and reducing potential bottlenecks.

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