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Southworth Consultants Limited


Southworth Consultants Limited, located in Nassau, Bahamas, provides corporations and financial institutions with on-site or hosted network solutions that maximize business productivity in a straightforward, cost-effective manner.


Find a data recovery solution with reliable replication capabilities that is easy to install and delivers on its promises


  • Decreased installation time by 99%
  • Eliminated need for constant monitoring of replications
  • Increased replication speeds

About Southworth Consultants Limited:

Southworth Consultants Limited is a Veeam Software ProPartner, which gives it access to the Veeam ProPartner Portal—a one stop resource that offers not for resale (NFR) license keys, multi language sales support, information about current incentive programs, aggressive discounts, and marketing promotional materials. Approximately 3,000 Veeam partners worldwide utilize the ProPartner Portal to help them make the most of every VMware engagement. One of Veeam’s corporate goals is to help its partners, such as Southworth, reach upmarket customers with expansive VMware deployments. Veeam accomplishes this by providing its partners with complete virtualization management solutions.

The Business Challenge

In addition to maximizing each client’s network productivity while keeping costs at a minimum, Southworth Consultants Limited helps them establish disaster recovery (DR) procedures to recover and/or sustain critical information.

“One of the key elements of a DR program is a backup and replication solution for the virtual server infrastructure,” explained Marcus Cheetham, President of Southworth. “Before we recommend a product, we test it extensively in our data center. Unfortunately, our first foray into a solution resulted in a product that didn’t understand VMware.”

Marcus said the product was hard to install, involved a lot of tweaking before it was fully operational, and replicated data at a painfully slow rate. “We began looking for a new solution—one that integrated with VMware and delivered on its promises.”

The Veeam Solution

Now Southworth recommends Veeam Backup & Replication to all clients. “We tested Veeam in our own environment first, which includes 86 virtual servers on four hosts, and we know firsthand that it’s a critical part of any successful DR plan,” he said.

Marcus and his colleagues quickly discovered that Veeam Backup & Replication was extremely easy to install. “”When we installed the other product, it could take up two weeks to iron out all the bugs before it was operational,” he said. “With Veeam, we went from install to ‘ready, set, go’ in 15 to 30 minutes, and it was incredibly easy. That’s the kind of product our clients appreciate—one that provides a comprehensive yet simple step-by-step solution.”

Marcus said the other product required constant monitoring during replications. “It timed out so many times that it became ridiculous. Then there is Veeam, which is an install-and-don’t worry solution.”

Replication speed is faster with Veeam too. “The transfer rate is insane with Veeam,” Marcus said. “It used to take four to five days to transfer 5 terabytes of data with the other product. “But Veeam is quite efficient and sends data quickly and automatically.”

That’s because Veeam Backup & Replication leverages advanced functionality in VMware vSphere™ 4, such as changed block tracking, which is why Marcus cited “insane” transfer speeds. Changed block tracking allows for replication cycles as fast as one to three minutes, resulting in near continuous data protection (CDP) at a fraction of the cost of traditional CDP.

“Veeam delivers on what they promise, and they support their products, unlike other vendors,” Marcus added. “That’s why Veeam is always part of DR solutions for our clients.”

The Results

Decreased installation time by 99% - It used to take Southworth Consulting up to two weeks to install the previous backup and replication solution for a client and iron out all the bugs before it was operational. That same process took less than 30 minutes with Veeam.

Eliminated need for constant monitoring of replications - The previous product required constant monitoring during replications because it often timed out or failed. Marcus calls Veeam Backup & Replication the “install-and-don’t-worry” solution.

Increased replication speeds - Veeam Backup & Replication leverages advanced functionality in VMware vSphere 4, such as changed block tracking. This enables faster replication cycles, resulting in near-CDP at a fraction of the cost of traditional CDP.

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