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Veeam Helps QIIB Deliver Seamless, Personalised Banking Services
Veeam helps us deliver seamless, personalised service to customers, and Veeam supports the development and testing of new banking products.
Nasser Hasan Mahmoud
Chief Information Officer
Qatar International Islamic Bank

The Business Challenge

Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) remains true to its Qatari heritage and values. QIIB’s family-friendly attitude and personal approach are just a few of the many reasons customers choose QIIB as a banking partner for their personal and business needs.

QIIB offers innovative banking solutions based on customers’ needs, including mobile, Internet and phone banking. The goal is to provide efficient transactional banking and a positive customer experience. This puts QIIB right in line with global banking trends.

In a survey of international banking leaders conducted by the Digital Banking Report in 2017, improving the customer journey and providing a positive customer experience was ranked as the number one trend, as well as the top strategic priority.

To improve the customer journey, QIIB continually develops new banking services that are fast, easy and seamless to use, such as Western Union transfers and a voice-activated system that lets customers reset personal identification numbers (PINs) for their debit cards.

Before launching new services, QIIB tests them for six to eight months. The test environment makes up 60 percent of QIIB’s IT infrastructure, and the production environment, which supports all banking operations, comprises 40 percent. Critical data in both environments must be available 24.7.365 for QIIB to provide efficient transactional banking and a positive customer experience. Slow back up and recovery of critical data put the IT team on high alert.

“Slow backup and recovery made it challenging for us to ensure critical data was available at all times,” said Nasser Hasan Mahmoud, Chief Information Officer at QIIB. “How could we tell the executive team that slow backup and recovery might delay the testing and launch of a new service or prevent customers from completing their mobile transactions?”

The Veeam Solution

QIIB replaced legacy backup with Veeam® Availability Suite™. One year later, QIIB received the 2017 Banking Excellence Award from the World Union of Arab Bankers for excellence in straight-through transactional processing.

“Veeam was definitely one of the reasons we won this award,” Mahmoud said. “Backup speed increased by 75 percent and recovery speed increased by 92 percent thanks to integration between Veeam and Dell EMC VNX, our primary storage.”

Veeam delivers 24.7.365 Availability of QIIB’s critical data, enabling the bank to provide customers with fast, efficient banking solutions and a positive banking experience.

“Veeam helps us deliver seamless, personalised service to customers, and Veeam supports the development and testing of new banking products,” Mahmoud said. “We learned this very quickly during Veeam’s proof of concept.”

During the proof of concept, Veeam dramatically improved recovery speed of the bank’s virtual machines. QIIB restored them from a backup in three hours. Mahmoud said restoring them with legacy backup would have taken three days.

“That’s when we knew Veeam was the best solution for us,” Mahmoud said. “If we hadn’t been using Veeam at the time, we might have lost part of our testing environment, which would have delayed each product launch by at least one month. That’s bad for the business and our customers.”

Veeam saves time and money too.

“Veeam is so easy to use and so reliable that we no longer need a full-time backup administrator,” Mahmoud said. “Our backup administrator spends less than half his time on backup because of Veeam, so he spends the rest of his time on server and storage maintenance.”

Veeam also saves on agent fees. By replacing legacy backup with Veeam, QIIB saved significant money.

Mahmoud said Veeam is synonymous with confidence.

“Veeam instills confidence immediately. We know our critical data is being backed up quickly and reliably, and we know we can recover from our backups. Veeam makes life easier.”

The Results

  • Delivers 24.7.365 Availability of critical bank data
    Personal banking doesn’t end when the business day ends. Veeam helps QIIB provide customers with fast, efficient, on-demand banking solutions at all times.
  • Supports new product development, test and launch plans
    To improve the customer experience, QIIB continually develops and tests new banking services. Veeam makes sure that data is available continuously so launch plans stay on track.
  • Saves significant time and money
    “The biggest benefit of using Veeam is 24.7.365 Availability, but saving time and money is a nice bonus,” Mahmoud said.


QIIB is a privately owned Islamic bank in the State of Qatar that offers personal and corporate banking solutions in accordance with Islamic Sharia Principles. QIIB was built on three pillars: trust, family and commitment. Today, QIIB continues to develop these pillars in line with the needs of its growing customer base. Established in 1991, QIIB employs 500 people.


Customer expectations are shaping the future of banking. QIIB meets their expectations by delivering fast, efficient, personalised banking solutions. However, slow backup and recovery of critical data made it challenging to deliver banking solutions 24.7.365.


  • Delivers 24.7.365 Availability of critical bank data
  • Supports new product development, test and launch plans
  • Saves significant time and money