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General Storage dsmISI

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General Storage

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Veeam Ready - Repository

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Verified backup storage that supports all Veeam backup and restore features

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  • Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0
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Product Details:

Model number: dsmISI load balancing software (used together with EMC Isilon NL-SERIES NL400-144TB Storage) 
Drive quantity: 108 drives (3-nodes); can be used with 3 to 144 Isilon Nodes
Drive type: 4TB (can be used with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 TB drives) 4TB (can be used with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 TB drives) 
Firmware version: dsmISI for Veeam version: V1.24  (together with EMC ISILON OneFS 7.1.100).  Scale out NAS Storage need careful planning around capacity and Veeam IO pattern, please contact the vendors for sizing guidelines and do a POC at large scale.
Additional support: dsmISI is available for all EMC Isilon Series: S-, X-, NL- and Nearline-HD SERIES 

General product family overview:dsmISI for Veeam – accelerated filing of Veeam repository in EMC Isilon (OneFS Scale-out storage). In principle, dsmISI for Veeam implements dynamic multi pathing, which automatically spreads reads and writes symmetrically across all available network paths and Isilon nodes, guaranteeing maximum throughput for any attached Veeam Repository server. dsmISI for Veeam is installed on the Linux operating system and communicates with Isilon clusters, creates NFS/SMB connections to all nodes and presents them to Veeam Repository as a single, very fast file system. dsmISI for Veeam automatically detects whenever Isilon nodes fail or when nodes are removed from or added to a cluster. Failovers are executed transparently for Veeam Repository server. Dynamic load balancing at runtime ensures that all nodes of a cluster are being utilized equally. 

Veeam testing configuration:

Veeam Build Number:

Job Settings:

  • Deduplication: Enabled (Default)
  • Compression: Optimal (Default)
  • Storage Optimization: Local (Default)
Repository Settings:
  • Repository Type: Linux
  • Per-VM Backup Files: Off (Default) | This feature can be enabled as needed.
  • Decompress before storing: Disabled (Default)
  • Align backup file blocks: Disabled (Default)

More information

Company Information:

Company name: General Storage 
Company overview: The General Storage Software GmbH is a medium-sized development and manufacture company headquartered in Lampertheim. Our customers benefit from the years unearned expertise of our employees. The commitment, flexibility and continuous training of our employees are the guarantee for the success of our company . As an IT specialist with a focus on storage technologies, we offer analysis, planning , concept development and integration services in the areas of business

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