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Dell Isilon

Veeam Ready - Repository
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Dell Technologies

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Veeam Ready - Repository

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Verified backup storage that supports all Veeam backup and restore features.

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Veeam Product:
  • Veeam Backup & Replication 10
Features and Attributes:
  • Backup Target - Disk SMB
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Qualification Note
This Veeam Ready test was performed with storage having a configuration that includes SSD/Flash. As such, this classification only applies to similar configurations in which one or more SSD drives are used. The use of non-SSD drives may negatively impact performance.

Product Details

Model number: A200
Storage Category: Scale-out NAS
Drive quantity, size, type: 15 – 1TB SATA HDD, 2 – 400GB SSD (per node)
Storage configuration: Default +2d:1n protection was used (OneFS erasure coding protection level that protects against two drive failures or one node failure)
Firmware version: OneFS 8.2
Connection protocol and speed: SMB 10 GbE
Additional support: All models and configurations of Dell Isilon with specifications equivalent or greater than the above

General product family overview:

Dell Isilon is a scale-out NAS that supports 3 to 252 nodes in a cluster. Files are automatically distributed, balanced, and protected across the cluster and all files are accessible from all nodes. Connectivity options include SMB, NFS with 10/25/40/100GbE


Veeam testing configuration

Configuration Note
The following settings were used by the vendor to meet Veeam Ready testing requirements and should not be considered best practices. Additional changes or settings may be needed to meet the storage efficiency or performance needs for each environment. For each setting, reference links are provided for further clarification.

Veeam Build Number:

Job Settings:

Deduplication: Enabled (Default)
Compression: Optimal (Default)
Storage Optimization: Local target (large blocks)


Repository Settings:

Repository Type: SMB Shared Folder
Align backup file blocks: Disabled (Default)
Decompress before storing: Disabled (Default)
Per-VM Backup Files: Enabled

Vendor recommended configuration

Vendor Settings:

  • Vendor recommendation - Disable the write coalescer on the share directory and all sub-directories used by Veeam.

Additional Considerations:

  • Dell Technologies Isilon has a default maximum file size limitation of 4TiB.  OneFS 8.2.2 or later has the option to increase the maximum file size limitation to 16TiB. Active Full + Incremental processing is advised.
  • Veeam Scale Out Backup Repository can distribute the load across the Isilon cluster via multiple Backup Repository Extents each defined to use a different cluster node DNS A record and path. When backups exceed the maximum file size limitation even with Veeam deduplication and compression, other considerations should be made.
  • A software load balancer can mitigate these limitations as well, including file size limitations, adding block cloning for fast synthetic processing and to save space (ex. KB2221).
SMB write-through is supported on this platform and was used in the Veeam Ready testing. You must enable the SMB write-through setting on the storage using the SMB 3.0 continuous availability on a new SMB share to avoid issues that are described in the following knowledge base entry: KB3124.

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