Cloud-to-Cloud Data Protection: Managing and Protecting your business data

Speaker: Lynda Stadtmueller, Andrey Zhelezko, Anil Karmel
Published : September, 2018
Cloud-to-Cloud Data Protection: Managing and Protecting your business data

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When adopting a multi-cloud strategy in the digital era, it is crucial to have a consistent way to easily migrate across environments, automate failover between clouds, manage all clouds and turn visibility into usage. You can avoid costs and burdensome manual processes with the right cross-cloud data protection solution, while also guaranteeing seamless management of any app, any data on any cloud. Since data is effectively and efficiently controlled, security is strengthened, thus, mitigating risks of data breaches and fraud which can be very challenging and costly.

Join this webinar with Frost & Sullivan’s expert, Lynda Stadtmueller, Veeam’s® Andrey Zhelezko, and C2 Labs’ Anil Karmel to learn more about:

  • Challenges in Managing Data in a Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Benefits of Cross-Cloud Data Protection
  • What to Look for when Selecting a Cross-Cloud Data Protection Solution
  • Understanding the Threat Landscape
  • Quantifying Data Risks Through the NIST and CSA Standards and Framework
  • Different Cloud Environments and Architectures
  • Leveraging Hybrid Cloud through Data-Centric Security
Duration: 1:36:06

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