Data Protection Strategies to Secure Your Remote Workforce

Speaker: Ronn Martin, Billy Hollis, Stuart Mcrae
Published : July, 2020
Data Protection Strategies to Secure Your Remote Workforce
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Will remote workers ever return to the office? What started as a rush to support remote workers amid the pandemic is likely to become business as usual for most organizations. While this arrangement can benefit employers and employees alike, a swelling remote workforce puts new strains on IT departments charged with protecting sensitive data and infrastructure. The solution is an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement data protection and management system provided by Veeam + Lenovo.

In this conversational 60-minute webinar, data protection experts from Veeam, Lenovo and Next Version Systems will discuss:

Data protection requirements for a remote workforce
What to consider when implementing a data protection solution
Key capabilities of Lenovo Hybrid Cloud solutions

Duration: 1:04:05

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