Veeam Virtual Labs: Beginner to Advanced

Speaker: Noah Gamache
Published : January, 2018
Veeam Virtual Labs: Beginner to Advanced

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Having a fully built out, affordable and easy‑to‑use test dev environment is a must for organizations of all sizes. Whether it is the ability to go into production changes with complete confidence, testing upgrades of multi‑tiered applications, VM backups validation or security testing without risk, the virtual lab is the right tool for the job!

Join this educational session with Veeam IT Guru Noah Gamache to learn about one of the most popular patented technologies of Veeam. In this recorded demo‑filled session you will deep dive into:

  • Veeam Virtual Labs, SureBackup and SureReplica and how they help verify the recoverability of every backup
  • Best practices and advance design considerations for effective backup testing
  • Troubleshooting and other practical tips for the technology usage
Duration: 25:10

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