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What's New

Veeam® Availability Orchestrator enables IT organizations to deliver non-stop operations and business acceleration for today’s modern enterprise with reliable and easy-to-use backup and disaster recovery (DR) orchestration, automated testing and assured compliance.

  • Ensure IT service continuity and resilience at any scale with extensible orchestration of recovery plans and planned migrations of any app, any data, at any time
  • Prove reliability through automated testing of recovery and migration plans, application patches and upgrades, DevOps and more, without disruption to the organization
  • Assure compliance requirements with rigorous reporting and actionable documentation that can be created, customized and updated on a recurring schedule
Advanced DR orchestration and automation using backup data

Restore plans bring the same advanced orchestrated and automated functionality found in Veeam Availability Orchestrator v1 to restores of VMware vSphere virtual machines (VMs) backed up by Veeam Backup & Replication™, minimizing disruption to the business caused by the downtime of critical production VMs.

  • Achieve incredibly low recovery time objectives (RTOs) that rival those of replication-based failover with support for Instant VM Recovery®, restoring production operations fast by running the VM directly from the backup file, even at large scale.
  • Predefine new recovery locations for orchestrated restores, enabling any VM to be restored to a new destination in the event that the original destination is unusable, including automatic re-IP. This also includes dynamic real-time management of compute, storage and networking resources, automatically distributing recovered systems in the DR environment for optimal performance.
  • Demonstrate the viability of restore plans at any time without impacting production systems through frequent, rigorous testing using automated Veeam DataLabs™, available on a scheduled basis or on-demand.

New recovery location for orchestrated failback allows users to failback single or multiple VMs to a new destination in the event that the original destination is unusable.

Advanced delegation and role-based access control (RBAC)

Site scopes enables granular permissions at the VM group level without requiring the deployment of additional Veeam Availability Orchestrator production servers at other sites. This enhancement will:

  • Allow for more simplified deployment and management in multi-site architectures
  • Empower business units, application owners and operations teams with their own orchestration planning, testing and resources
  • Improve securities as orchestration plan authors will not be able to access resources they’re not entitled to
Enhanced reporting and compliance

Users can now define RTO and RPO properties within the plan and then compare them with real-world values during readiness checks, plan tests and plan executions. RTO and RPO properties empower users to prove SLA attainment for internal and external compliance regulations and audits, as well as proactively remediate errors and failures before a potential real-world event.

Complete customization of definition, readiness check, execution and test execution reports is now possible. In addition to all free text within the documentation, all internal labels used by Veeam Availability Orchestrator’s reporting engine (e.g., [SITE_NAME], [PLAN_DESCRIPTION], etc.) have been documented and exposed.

Localization of definition, readiness check, execution and test execution reports are now available in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Latin American), Spanish (Latin American) and Russian.

Expanded testing and verification functionalities
VM console access enables VMware VM consoles to be launched and accessed directly from orchestration plans within the Veeam Availability Orchestrator UI, allowing for a more enhanced user experience for additional testing and verification, as well as for troubleshooting failures in plan steps.
Hosting rental licensing support

Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners can now take advantage of Veeam Availability Orchestrator — including volume-based discounts on volume rental agreements — with added hosting rental licensing support. By integrating Veeam Availability Orchestrator into your Veeam-powered business, you can:

Protect yourself

  • Ensure seamless operation of the IT services that power your most critical business functions through an orchestrated, automatically tested and documented DR plan

Protect your customers

  • Offer the highest level of Availability to your BaaS and DRaaS customers with a fully orchestrated DR plan, including automated execution, testing and documentation
  • Take your managed services to the next level by offering an orchestrated BCDR plan as part of your remote managed data protection services