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November 6, 2020

Mitigating Risk Against Ransomware in the Healthcare Sector

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Healthcare institutions hold vast amounts of highly sensitive information on large portions of the population — from basic details such as a person’s name and address, to their unique and detailed medical history — and as such, patient
records are a high target for ransomware attacks.

In this paper, Rick Vanover, a senior director of product strategy from Veeam, will provide a number of methods to provide the healthcare industry with practical steps to protect data and avoid falling victim to ransomware attacks. These strategies will explore not only how to configure Veeam products to recover from ransomware, but also other tools and techniques to address ransomware head-on.

About the Author

Rick Vanover
Director, Product Strategy, Veeam Software
Rick has extensive virtualization expertise. He is a writer, blogger, former IT infrastructure manager, and host of the Veeam community podcast. Rick lives in Columbus, Ohio USA.
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