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NEW Veeam Availability Console

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Easily deploy, manage and monitor your customers’

Veeam-powered Availability, BaaS and DRaaS - for FREE

Veeam Availability Console for Service Providers makes it easier than ever to provide a managed backup service and build (or add) a Backup as a Service (BaaS) or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) revenue stream.

Reducing the costs and time spent managing IT and Availability infrastructure is at the forefront of every organization’s mind, and leveraging the skills of a managed service provider (MSP) is a proven solution. In fact, in a recent 451 Research study1 commissioned by Microsoft, 56% of respondents who use managed services stated that they planned on leveraging a managed backup service in 2017.

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Step 1: Apply for the Veeam® Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) program. It’s FREE! 
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A FREE, cloud-enabled management platform for service providers


Everything you need
to grow your business

Increase revenue and add value by provisioning and managing your customers’ virtual, physical and cloud-based Veeam Availability solutions.


Managed backup services
made easy

Maximize productivity and efficiency through centralized management and monitoring of customers’ backups and replicas in a multi-tenant, web-based portal.


Complete visibility into you and
your customers’ environments

Stay on top of your business with real-time monitoring and reporting of customers’ virtual, physical and cloud-based Veeam infrastructures, as well as automated billing.

Simplified setup of managed services

Veeam Availability Console’s flexible install options make it ideal for the tenured service provider or someone that’s just starting out. Deploy in your own private infrastructure or as an appliance in the public cloud. The built-in service provider portal makes creating new customer accounts, provisioning services and even managing customer billing and invoicing simpler than ever. 

Automated, remote Veeam backup agent deployment

Easily discover all the components of your customer’s Veeam environment — whether it’s virtual, physical, cloud-based or a mixture — using network-based IP range discovery, Active Directory or .csv file. Once discovered, Veeam Availability Console makes it easy to deploy agents and achieve visibility, management and monitoring of your customer’s Veeam Backup & Replication™ and Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows environments.

Remote monitoring and management for backups and replicas

Maintain complete visibility into all your customers’ backup environment from within a single, powerful web-based UI. And, because Veeam Availability Console leverages the power of Veeam cloud gateways, remote monitoring and management of backups and replicas is a breeze through a secure, single port TLS connection. No VPN required.

Automated billing service

Avoid trying to integrate multiple solutions or manually crunching numbers in spreadsheets. The powerful native reporting and billing engine helps service providers stay on top of business and customers. Simply setup plan pricing on a per-service or per-customer basis and Veeam Availability Console handles the rest.

Already using your own reporting and invoicing applications? Veeam Availability Console’s RESTful API makes it easy to integrate functionality into the other applications your business uses.

Multi-tenant customer portal

Keep your customers engaged and assured through a secure multi-tenant portal, with basic self-service abilities like backup health monitoring, cloud repository consumption and billing management to keep common calls and support tickets to a minimum. You can even brand it with your own logo to keep things familiar.

Extend to Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Veeam Availability Console is tightly integrated with Veeam Cloud Connect Backup for Service Providers and Veeam Cloud Connect Replication for Service Providers so that you can not only remotely monitor and manage your customer’s Availability infrastructure, but you can also send their backups and replicas to your hosted cloud infrastructure.

Are you a reseller looking to launch your own managed backup service business?

NEW Veeam Availability Console contains everything you need to differentiate yourself from your competition and generate new revenue streams, whether you’re using your own infrastructure or the public cloud.

But first, you’ll need to join the Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) program. The VCSP program is your ticket into the vast and growing Veeam cloud ecosystem, and a great way to add a recurring managed backup service revenue stream. It’s free to join, only takes a couple of minutes, and there’s no obligation.

No cost. No paperwork. No reason to delay!

Are you an enterprise looking to centralize management of your distributed Veeam environment?

Veeam Availability Console for the Enterprise packs the same power as the service provider version, making it easy to deploy, manage and monitor your on-premises, hybrid cloud and remote workloads.
1 451 Research, 2017 – Microsoft Hosting and Cloud Study