Cisco HyperFlex Availability powered by Veeam: What you need to know

Hyper-converged infrastructure is a very hot topic in IT right now, without a doubt. Customers are interested in building a fully functional virtualized infrastructure including compute, storage and management. On March 1, Cisco announced the new hyper-converged solution, HyperFlex, at the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego. Based on Cisco UCS technology, the solution offers a unique way to leverage virtualized SAN and compute power across different nodes within one cluster and one management instance. With the HX220c and HX240c nodes, the hyper-converged system can be built up and extended dynamically and flexibly to fit in to the requirements.

Cisco Hyperflex Availability powered by Veeam

Efficient and scalable backup for Cisco HyperFlex

Veeam Availability Suite v9 delivers the data Availability and monitoring to complete the new solution and meet the demands of the Always-On Enterprise. Veeam Backup & Replication is used to lower the recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), or RTPO to <15 minutes for ALL application and data in case of a disaster or lost data. In combination with Cisco’s NEW Backup and Replication Appliances for Veeam, built on Cisco UCS C240 and C3260 in Starter, Medium and Large configurations, it’s easy to deliver a full data protection design for Cisco HyperFlex environments.

Cisco Hyperflex Availability powered by Veeam

Veeam delivers powerful and efficient virtual machine (VM) backup, fast and flexible recovery and advanced VM replication functionality for Cisco HyperFlex including:

Fast and reliable image-based backup for Cisco HyperFlex virtual environment — all without the use of agents — giving you the ability to achieve shorter backup windows and reduce backup and storage costs.

Instant VM Recovery helps maintain system Availability when you need it most. Instead of making users wait for hours, Instant VM Recovery immediately restores a VM back into your production environment by running it directly from the backup file.

Veeam Explorer offers revolutionary technology that gives you instant visibility into application backups and granular recovery of individual items.

SureBackup automatically verifies the recoverability of every backup, every VM, every time by automatically starting VMs in an isolated Virtual Lab environment, performing a set of tests and sending a status report to your mailbox, so you know if your VMs are recoverable at any time.

Disaster Recovery for Cisco HyperFlex with Veeam

Veeam delivers advanced, imaged-based VM replication and streamlined disaster recovery (DR) — ensuring Availability of your mission-critical applications. Veeam gives you the ability to achieve RTPO of < 15 minutes for ALL application and data.

Cisco Hyperflex Availability powered by Veeam

More than that, Veeam Backup & Replication offers you additional capabilities to leverage the replicated Cisco HyperFlex VMs and data on secondary sites.

Check out our product page for more information about Veeam Availability Suite.

Find more information on Veeam and Cisco backup appliance.

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