Cloudy Data Protection is inevitable (for most)

As we settle in to 2022, with new year resolutions, fresh budgets, and an ever-heightening sense of dependency on data and concern against data loss/downtime, everyone is looking for “better” data protection.

On February 22, Veeam will be releasing the latest version of the industry’s largest data protection research endeavor (3,300 IT leaders), but in the meantime, check out the Data Protection as a Service 2021 report that was published just a few months ago. To make the case for the inevitability of cloud services being part of your data protection strategy, check out this short video:

To be clear, there is more than one way that cloud-powered services can enhance one’s data protection capabilities, including supplementing on-premises backups with cloud storage and/or utilizing a managed backup service. Even if just focusing on the managed delivery of backup services, often referred to as Backup as-a-Service or BaaS, there are different solution elements and goals that make BaaS mean different things to different IT professionals. Here is a breakdown of “What BaaS really means” according to 1,050 IT leaders:

There is a lot more to cover when it comes to cloud-powered data protection services, so this is part 1 of 3 in a blog series to hopefully help you consider how the cloud can help you ensure reduced data loss and less downtime.

Check out the rest of the series as they publish:

For partners looking to learn more about protecting their customers with Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaaS, click here or visit the VCSP Partner Success Center.

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As always, reach out if you have questions to @JBuff or @BackupDave – or email us at Until then, check out the rest of the DPaaS research findings.

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