Why organizations are choosing BaaS/DRaaS

In our research-powered blog series for 2022, we recently discussed why cloud-powered data protection is inevitable for most environments. In fact, it’s fair to say that while many already leverage cloud-powered data protection as either a repository, a backup service, or a DR capability (or some combination), there are others still exploring whether and how to utilize cloud-powered backup.

To help understand these market trends, in October 2021, Veeam published what is believed to be the largest BaaS/DRaaS research survey with 1,050 IT leaders weighing in on Data Protection as-a-Service. Check out the entire report here.

It is worth looking closer at why so many organizations are embracing Backup as-a-Service (BaaS), so we asked them “Why does your organization use BaaS instead of (or in complement to) traditional backup software/hardware?” Check out what they said in this short video:

On a personal note (from @JBuff), I have asked folks for years, “Why BaaS, when you can DRaaS?” – meaning, why “just” protect your data and then recover from a cloud, when you could just power up your servers from cloud-hosted infrastructures. It turns out that many IT leaders have had that same thought, as seen here looking at the 2020-2023 trends toward cloud-powered disaster recovery:

So far, our blog series covered the inevitability of cloud-powered data protection and more specifics on BaaS & DRaaS. Next week, we’ll conclude the series by taking a closer look at the most important aspect of BaaS/DRaaS: the Service Provider.  

For partners looking to learn more about protecting their customers with Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaaS, click here or visit the VCSP Partner Success Center.

For companies looking to learn more about Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaaS solutions, visit vee.am/baas.

As always, reach out if you have questions to @JBuff or @BackupDave – or email us at StrategicResearch@veeam.com. Until then, check out the rest of the DPaaS research findings.

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