CSPs and MSPs: 4 services for any cloud

You are a service provider — you’ve seen it all in terms of IT business challenges. You would be hard-pressed to find an organization with just one business challenge related to IT services, and a lot rides on their end goal. Are they looking to solve for backup to the cloud, recovery from the cloud or elevating their data protection within the cloud? It could be a combination of all three. You know how complicated multi-cloud environments can get, and when you factor in legacy solutions, compliance regulations and a whole host of other complexities, it can leave you — as their service provider — grasping for simple solutions.

Over the course of 2017, Veeam launched several new solutions for Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners. Today, I’m highlighting four Veeam-powered services that you could deliver using Veeam’s newest, and most trusted, solutions for data protection.

To the cloud

You’ve likely heard all about the importance of cloud backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) from industry and thought leaders — including Veeam! That’s because market research shows that organizations are moving toward cloud backup and DRaaS strategies, if they aren’t already there. According to the ESG report, Delivering Veeam-powered Data Protection Services, an ESG Solution Showcase, 46% of organizations report using cloud infrastructure services for data backup and archive and 36% for disaster recovery (DR). ESG also reported on the significant interest level of these types of services — 47% of customers are interested in cloud backup services, 40% are interested in DRaaS and 37% are interested in end-to-end Backup as a Service (BaaS). That is a lot of potential margin, folks! If your customer needs a reliable and effective solution that leverages a multi-tenant architecture to send applications and data off site and execute failover and failback for DR, then this is it.

From the cloud

This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) data protection offering encompasses protection from the cloud to your customers’ on-premises environments. Customers with applications running in hyperscale public clouds and SaaS — like Microsoft Office 365 — are going to benefit from this type of service offering. Most customers don’t realize that they need to protect workloads that reside in the cloud. As a service provider, you can unlock new revenue potential by helping customers regain control over file and granular level item recovery. Plus, this service type gives you the opportunity to provide value-added services for some of the highest-demanded offerings on the market, including Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Within the cloud

Veeam is known as the leader in data protection for virtualized environments — which is the technology that enables providers to build clouds at scale. Veeam has the tools needed to offer reliable, effective protection of your IaaS customers, including features to help you build self-service backup options and offer replication between data centers.

There are also cross-cloud plays for customers of hyperscale public clouds, like AWS and Microsoft Azure. 81% of organizations are utilizing two or more IaaS providers, according to the ESG report, Multi-cloud Strategies Are on the Rise. By leveraging Veeam solutions, you can offer data protection services across Availability zones or across providers — storing a cloud backup from a hyperscale public cloud in your own IaaS offering.

Remote managed services

Many customers are realizing that they don’t have the time or resources to get the true business value out of their infrastructure as it stands now — they are just trying to keep the lights on. According to a 451 Research study commissioned by Microsoft, 56% of respondents reported that they planned on leveraging a managed backup service in 2017. That is where you come in to not only bolster their current operations, but to strategize and deploy continuous optimization. As a managed service provider, you have the opportunity to do what your customers can’t, which is to shop for value-added services to make your job easier and your margin larger. And that is where Veeam comes in, to offer reliable, powerful remote monitoring and management tools that deliver the data protection that your customers don’t even know they need.

Ultimately, you guys are the true experts and know what will work best for your managed service provider business. But, no matter which area you are looking to address to better serve your customers, the NEW Veeam-powered services menu is your gateway to capturing new customers, building recurring revenue streams and delivering value-added services that your customers need to survive and thrive in the new age of multi-cloud.

Next step — point your browser to our new solution page to learn more about building Veeam-powered services and to access free trials of the best-fit solutions for each service.

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