Veeam and NetApp: A partnership forged by change

It’s been a challenging and emotional week. The horrific tragedy in Las Vegas has left us all heartbroken and a bit numb. With NetApp Insight scheduled this week, the decision was made to cancel the first day’s events and activities, but resume the conference and sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, as planned. I’m sure it was a difficult and delicate decision for our friends at NetApp to make, but they have shown respect, class and leadership to all this week. We are proud to call them partners.

Being with the Veeam team, our partners and customers is the best part of my job, and this week was no different, although it was under very surreal circumstances and a bit more subdued. What I still enjoyed the most though, was seeing the enthusiasm for Veeam’s vision for the market, why the Availability of data, services and workloads across multi-cloud environments is so pivotal to organizations’ transformation strategies, and why Veeam is a pioneer. At NetApp Insight, I have been reminded once again why I joined Veeam.

The theme here at Insight is “Change the world with data.” If there is one constant in today’s digital economy, it is change itself. In fact, as I write this, Elon Musk is exploring ways to propel humans from New York City to Tokyo in 30 minutes via advanced rocket technology. In health care, new therapies are being developed which re-engineer a patient’s own immune cells, turning them into cancer killers that researchers call a “living drug.” And recently at a gaming conference in Tokyo, an incredibly life-like android woman stunned onlookers as “she” smiled and waved to the crowd.

All businesses, regardless of size, have the potential to change the world with data. Imagine if you could manage and move your data with something akin to a neural network where the data could be instantly accessible anywhere at any time and in any environment. And as importantly, be highly secure, highly available and always protected.

NetApp’s Data Fabric enables businesses to move, manage, share and protect their critical data on premises, in remote office locations, and across any cloud environment regardless of the underlying infrastructure. In short, it is a common data management framework that enables the seamless movement of data anywhere around the globe.

Veeam’s direct integration with NetApp ONTAP, the autonomic system if you will, of the Data Fabric, further enhances the powerful data management capabilities of ONTAP by enabling businesses to enhance the Availability service levels of any application, for any data type on any cloud environment. This integration not only simplifies Availability and data protection, but it also provides ways to further extract value out of business data so that organizations can focus on developing the next breakthrough technology in their respective fields.

I am proud that today, here in Las Vegas, we announced that NetApp plans to add Veeam Availability solutions to the NetApp global price list. NetApp customers will be able to purchase complete Veeam and NetApp solutions directly from NetApp and its resellers in a single transaction, enabling enterprises to leverage both 24.7.365 Availability and IT simplicity. This is huge for customers across the globe, and is further testament to Veeam’s pivotal role in the digital economy.

Customers want solutions that work for their business, and that are simple — simple to use and simple to procure. The combination of Veeam’s Availability solutions with NetApp E-series, AltaVault, ONTAP, All-Flash FAS, and hybrid cloud solution offerings, will help organizations simplify IT operational management, lower costs, and attain recovery point and recovery time objectives (RTPO) of seconds — not hours and days, per legacy solutions — for all applications and data. More than that though, this agreement will equip 4,000 NetApp resellers globally to deliver NetApp/Veeam-integrated Availability solutions.

Veeam’s ecosystem makes the company what it is today, and building on recent announcements with Cisco, Microsoft, Nutanix, Pure Storage and VMware, our agreement with NetApp further illustrates the importance of our alliance strategy, and just why the majority of the Fortune 500 look to Veeam to deliver solid Availability across their operations.

Again, we are more proud than ever to be a NetApp partner, and to be a part of this great tech community. As NetApp CEO George Kurian said earlier this week in his keynote, “May you support each other. May you be great to each other.”

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