Experience Availability – Happy World Availability Day!

It is a well-known and accepted fact that data rules our modern lives – we feed on it (email, calendar, maps, newsfeeds), we travel with it (Uber, train schedules, any airline) and we sleep with it (ALL fitness trackers available in the market monitor sleep patterns).

Therefore, it comes as no surprise when we at Veeam evangelize the importance of data Availability 24.7.365 because to put it quite simply, it’s our survival. Not only as individuals but as part of an organization, part of the economy, part of our “global village.” The ramifications of not meeting these expectations run deeper than just merely an inconvenience, but can cause the kind of issues that keep everyone from the IT Pro to the CEO awake at night.

Any type of interruption to digital services can be frustrating, but in a business context it can mean the difference between productivity and stagnation which can erode trust from customers and partners alike. Considering the critical role that data plays in our lives, Veeam has declared and celebrates World Availability Day on March 30 each year.

Regular backups may be fine for individuals looking to protect personal data including photos and emails, but organizations and service providers today need unconditional access to their applications and data, anywhere at any time.

Veeam celebrates World Availability Day in recognition of the fact that for modern businesses and service providers, it’s not only about having backups of data anymore, it’s about being Available. Veeam helps organizations of any size and shape to achieve Availability for both their virtual and physical infrastructures, as well as provide data protection solutions in the cloud, whether private, public or hybrid.

As pioneers of Availability, Veeam is also inviting partners, media, analysts and customers to experience Availability at the upcoming VeeamON conference in New Orleans in May, where they can learn about what it takes to provide a modern Availability solution to ensure services are delivered smoothly and seamlessly.

Happy #WorldAvailabilityDay and don’t hesitate to share with us on Twitter why availability is important for you!

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