Happy Holidays Giveaway 2021: Free Premium Swag

2021 has been a year to remember. I would like to focus on some good things to highlight and provide you a chance to add some holiday joy!

I was really impressed with how many products we added at Veeam this year. From the incredible V11 launch (Did you upgrade yet? If not, check this out.) to the incredible progression through the cloud products.

In fact, it’s worth noting that Veeam Backup for AWS, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure and Veeam Backup for Google Compute Platform have moved very quickly. I didn’t have many work trips in 2021, but the biggest one was at the end of the year with AWS re:Invent (See Dave Russell and Jason Buffington’s recap!). The last “big event” I did before 2020 was AWS: re:Invent 2019, where we launched version 1 of Veeam Backup for AWS. It’s incredible to watch this product and community grow.

2021 had a smashing VeeamON and the now-here-to-stay VeeamON Update online event that carried our audience through the year. I’m also happy to report we are planning an outstanding hybrid VeeamON 2022. I can’t wait!

The end of the year also is an opportunity to give back to our audience with an assortment of premium prizes. We’ve done a number of different formats over the years for the end-of-year giveaway, but given that 2021 is Veeam’s 15th anniversary, we are going to give away 15 premium prizes:

I do have a piece of bad news to report, however. I’m not eligible to win any of these items… While I do effectively curate the Veeam “Museum” at the Ohio office in the United States and I have basically one of every type of Veeam swag, I can’t get this stuff. But you can.

You can register for the swag online, but hurry as we close the site on Dec. 31, 2021. I’ll be sure to update this post with the winners’ info after the program winners are finalized (we have to get their approval and there are terms and conditions for the drawing, including which parts of the world the prizes are eligible).

One other cool twist is the ability to make greeting cards to share! There are 16 ultra-cool, holiday-themed liveries to choose from. I’m giving this one a name, the BIONIC SNOWMAN, and it’s my favorite!

If you like this, great, there are plenty more where that came from and you can share it with your social networks easily!

2022 will be an epic year at Veeam. With the new Salesforce backup product, the goodness coming with V12, the next frontier with Kubernetes, cloud and Microsoft 365… I can tell you I am excited! How excited? This excited:

Register now for the holiday giveaway and good luck! Be sure to check back here in February or so when we can announce the winners. Happy Holidays from Veeam!

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