Veeam and Cisco cook up something hot

It’s been about a month since Veeam’s annual user and partner conference VeeamON, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana this year. I’m still missing the casual, free spirited vibe of the Big Easy and of course New Orleans-style Cajun cooking.

Hot sauce makes it better

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you’ve probably seen Tabasco hot sauce on the tables at practically every restaurant. I’m a firm believer that hot sauce makes good food taste even better and such is the relationship of Cisco and Veeam. By combining the two, you get something even better. According to the latest ESG white paper, Veeam and Cisco UCS Are Better Together, reliability, performance and agility were highly touted characteristics when selecting a combination of Veeam and Cisco UCS over their respective alternatives.

Upping the Scoville units

In New Orleans, Frank Palumbo, Senior VP of Data Center Sales at Cisco and Andy Vandeveld, VP of Global Alliances at Veeam appeared on theCUBE together to discuss what the Alliance partners have been cooking up together. Cisco and Veeam have been working together for over three years with a joint go-to-market strategy and as Andy Vandeveld points out, “partnerships are in Veeam’s DNA.” In the last year this partnership has really heated up. Frank Palumbo points out that our partners were asking Cisco to work more closely with Veeam as the two are the perfect complement and in fact Frank points out “customers look to Cisco to complete the story and offer and end to end solution, we weren’t able to complete it without Veeam.”

But some of the most salient points of this discussion were when Frank, who talks to a lot of customers, explained that it is all about the application. Keeping a modern enterprise running and available is all about keeping the applications available. “The Cisco hardware doesn’t really come together till you have the application on it and can keep that application Available and Veeam jumps in and fills that gap perfectly.” He goes on to emphasize that things are moving fast in the data center and the key for both Cisco and Veeam is to offer simplicity, “Veeam can tackle complex situations in a simple fashion — and simplicity is the game with customers, things are moving so fast that if you can’t be simple you are going to have a tough time.”

Even more heat

Within just the last couple of months, Cisco and Veeam have turned up the heat even more. In February 2017, Cisco released version 2.0 of HyperFlex, its hyper-converged offering and with that, Veeam also made updates to Veeam Backup & Replication to bring more efficient Availability to HyperFlex 2.0 by providing both an optimized backup and replication workflow to lower the recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) to < 15 minutes for all applications and data running on top of it. It’s exciting, as this is Veeam’s first integration with any hyper-converged storage system. This means that Veeam integrates with HyperFlex and its native snapshots to even further reduce RPO’s as Andy notes “Veeam integrates with the Cisco snapshot technology so you are really seeing it come together.”

To learn more about the latest developments in Cisco and Veeam’s partnership, check out theCUBE interview here:


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