Kasten K10 V6.0: Expanding Cloud Native Ecosystem

Kasten K10 V6.0 brings new workload types, additional hybrid cloud deployment environments, expanded storage targets and enhanced security hardening.

Enterprises recognize that to enhance their competitive posture, they must have continuous access to the broad stream of innovations provided by a robust ecosystem of technology partners. By deepening its ecosystem support, Kasten K10 V6.0 provides more features and capabilities to a wider number of users, de-risking and enriching customer environments while enabling them to take advantage of the latest Kubernetes advancements. It also maximizes customer freedom of choice in building out their Kubernetes deployment, providing the best ROI for legacy and future investments.

Kasten K10 Release V6.0 expands Kasten’s ecosystem offerings with these cloud native integrations:

New workload support

By providing a broader reach of workloads supported, Kasten helps ensure enterprise customers always have access to the latest innovations to drive competitive differentiation.

Kubernetes 1.26

This provides a new container registry (which divides the load across multiple cloud providers and regions, reducing the reliance on a single entity and increasing download speed), CSI migration for vSphere (redeploying storage operations from existing in-tree storage plugins to corresponding CSI drivers) as well as improved Kubernetes metrics.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.12

This popular enterprise Kubernetes platform provides additional features and tools to simplify the development, deployment, management, and scaling of modern applications in a containerized environment. In addition, the OpenShift operator framework allows for custom automation throughout Kubernetes. As a certified operator on OpenShift, Kasten K10 can easily be installed on OpenShift in any environment, adding greater mobility and protection for container application data, while allowing customers to take advantage of the automation features Kasten K10 provides out of the box. Support for Red Hat OpenShift V4.12 enables a more up to date and secure version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and support of vSphere in different zones and regions.

Built-in blueprint for Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS provides a collection of managed services that makes it simple to set up, operate, and scale databases in the cloud. The built-in blueprint in Release V6.0 allows for expanded reach with native support for Amazon RDS (and workloads relying on it), as well as a baseline template to craft other DBaaS blueprints

Additional Hybrid Cloud Deployments:

Enterprises can use the following enhancements to leverage hybrid cloud support for their preferred platform environment. This provides better ROI and avoids “stranded” legacy platform investments.

Google Anthos

Anthos is a key offering from Google Cloud that enables organizations to build, manage, and modernize applications across on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments This enhancement provides Hybrid Cloud support on GCP.

Cross-platform restore targets for Tanzu Backups

Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services offered by VMware to simplify the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters. This capability enables you to import applications with block mode exports in clusters that do not natively support it – hence allowing application portability.

Cisco Hyperflex with Red Hat OpenShift and Kasten K10

This enhancement delivers a detailed validated design and deployment guide for data protection in hybrid clouds with Cisco HyperFlex, a flexible hyperconvereged infrastructure configuration engineered on the Cisco UCS platform.

Expanded Storage Options:

Broadening the selection of and interoperability with supported S3 compatible storage targets guarantees more customer freedom of choice. With broad choices, enterprises can plan investments in storage platforms in the most budget efficient way. Also, with more targets supported, customers can use storage they currently have in production and increase their storage pool ROI.

NetApp ONTAP Simple Storage Service (S3)

This interoperability increases the target storage options

Dell-EMC ECS Enterprise Object Storage

This interoperability as a S3 compatible store increases the available target storage options.

Security Enhancements

Kasten K10 Release V6.0 builds on an already robust security offering. The release improves threat detection and security workflow and provides added policies that address security risks in the enterprise. These enhancements help protect the business from financial and reputational damage, elevate customer trust by reducing security incidents and leverage leading threat detection technologies as an integrated solution with Kasten K10.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security

Red Hat ACS layers pre-configured security compliance scans of the K10 namespace and can escalate when certain modifications are attempted on specific resources

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty detects and escalates when a malicious IP attempts to thwart K10 resources or when anonymous access is suspiciously granted

AWS Secrets Manager

Core DR workflow for Kasten K10 interfaces with AWS Secrets Manager to store and retrieve passwords. This provides an easier to implement hardened, secure DR workflow, increasing productivity and cost savings via a more efficient, less manual operational environment.

Policy Presets Enforcement with Kyverno

Kasten K10’s Kubernetes-native policies can be integrated into Infrastructure as Code to provide “guardrails”, I.e.: pre-defined policies or policy presets that can be enforced. This ensures no deviation from mandated data protection objectives to prevent misconfigured applications. It also allows policies to be tailored to match legal requirements of data security fiats, protecting the enterprise.

For more information on Kasten K10 Release V6.0 see the Veeam resources library or watch our meet Kasten K10 V6.0 webinar on demand.

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#1 Kubernetes Data Protection
#1 Kubernetes Data Protection


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