Veeam Named Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist two years in a row!

Once again Veeam has been recognized as one of Microsoft’s top global partners for 2017, achieving Finalist ranking for Application Development, Partner of the Year Award. As a Partner of the Year Award Finalist, Veeam is being honored for our continued innovation within the Veeam Availability Suite and for being one of the most successful ISV partners in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with five certified VMs.

One of the largest opportunities for Azure adoption is based on the need for businesses to transform their legacy archive solutions, like tape, to more cost effective and agile cloud archives. Every business needs to back up, recover, replicate, monitor and manage the data and applications that make their business go. In almost every case, the business will keep long-term archives of their data backups on some form of external tape or disk. Veeam + Microsoft deliver fundamental advantages over legacy tape and disk archiving solutions. Together, we provide our customers with 24.7.365 Availability for both physical and virtual devices, including the data, applications and operating systems on-premises and in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Combined, our solutions make it easy for customers to transition backup archives from on-premises to the cloud and encourage the adoption of Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, Hyper-V and Office 365.
Veeam Named Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist
We are honored to be selected as a 2017 Partner of the Year Award Finalist. Since our founding over 10 years ago, Veeam has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions that combine the best of Microsoft Azure and Veeam. This recognition validates our approach and underlines our passion and determination to build innovative solutions for our customers’ most challenging Availability problems.

Currently, Veeam has five solutions in the Azure Marketplace, designed to enable our 47,000 ProPartners and more than 242,000 customers worldwide to ensure Availability of their data. These solutions provide a quick and easy way to transfer Veeam powered-backups from on-premises to Microsoft Azure and just as easily restore those same items in Azure. Whether you’re looking for a turn-key service provider enabled BaaS into Azure or a self-managed Enterprise-driven approach for managing and controlling your own Veeam archives in Azure, Veeam offers our customers a variety of choices to ensure that their data is Available 24.7.365.

Veeam and Microsoft are truly Better Together! It has been said that Microsoft + Veeam have a 1+1=3 effect on the solutions we deliver, increasing the value of our individual products and technologies when used together. Clearly, our partnership with Microsoft has been a big part of our joint success and we look forward to a very bright future together.

Learn more about Veeam solutions in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace by visiting the Azure Marketplace and checking out our latest FREE offering Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure. It is a FREE solution designed to simplify and automate the setup of a disaster recovery (DR) site in Microsoft Azure.

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