Backup, recovery, and migration of mission-critical workloads on Azure

Veeam has a long history of collaborative innovation with Microsoft, including the delivery of tightly coupled solutions that enable customers and service providers to harness the robustness, scalability and agility of Microsoft Azure. This often includes ensuring that mission-critical workloads running in Azure are as protected as possible with purpose-built backup and recovery that complements the varying native resiliencies withing aspects of IaaS and SaaS.

Regardless of what percentage of your organization’s mission-critical workloads are running in the cloud today, it’s likely far more than it was a year ago. This is due to a combination of net-new workloads, as well as migrating in from data centers, leading me to a Pinterest-worthy platitude – the life (of your data) is a journey, not a destination. The best infrastructures for our workloads today may not be the best tomorrow. We witnessed this with the decoupling and migration of the majority of our physical servers’ OS, applications and data to virtualized platforms. Today, its rapid acceleration to the cloud, especially true in the light of COVID-19, further accelerating this shift.

With that said, migration of applications and data remains one of the most common barriers to the cloud, and despite this difficulty, the intent to rapidly adopt public cloud shows no sign of dissipating (nor should it). This is why, regardless of an organization’s strategy, today and in the future, Veeam and its partners are committed to simplifying the cloud adoption journey. This is accomplished by eliminating the challenges of data migration and allowing customers complete control of their data, while ensuring it is always protected and available wherever it may be.

Veeam provides an industry leading platform to protect, manage and migrate all data – cloud, virtual and physical, be that at its original location or its new destination. No prescriptive approaches. No trade-offs. This is achieved through:

  1. Unified backup, recovery, and management. Purpose-built backup, recovery, and replication software that is capable of properly protecting all cloud, virtual and physical workloads while being rolled into a single, comprehensive strategy.
  2. Data portability. 100% portable backup file format that is agnostic of workload, hardware, or cloud, allowing seamless movement of data across any environment, including backup, recovery and migration to, from and of the cloud.
  3. Licensing flexibility. Veeam’s universal licensing is as portable as you need your data to be, easily moved across different workloads to ensure data protection continuity while simplifying license management.
  4. Integrated visibility. Powerful, real-time visibility of all environments all the time to govern and guarantee the health, protection and availability of data, while intelligently planning capacity and managing costs

Regardless of where you are in your journey of adopting Azure for your mission-critical workloads, Veeam can help you easily extend or migrate your on-premises infrastructure to Azure. This is inclusive of long-term retention, disaster recovery, dev/test, migration, as well as protecting Azure workloads themselves.

Backup to Azure

Native integrations with Azure Blob Storage provide unlimited capacity for low-cost, elastic, long-term data retention for backups of on-premises virtual and physical workloads, as well as Azure Virtual Machines and Microsoft 365.

Recover/migrate to Azure

Quickly and easily move on-premises workloads to Azure or Azure Stack deployments in just a few clicks, whether it’s for a disaster recovery, dev/test, or a migration as your organization accelerates its use of Azure for mission-critical workloads.

Backup Azure data

Once you’ve migrated existing or deployed new workloads in Azure, they still need protecting. Built with cost-effectiveness and security in mind, Veeam can fully automate backup and recovery for Azure VMs cloud natively to overcome and data loss scenario.

Backup Microsoft 365

Eliminate the possibility of losing access to your Microsoft 365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams with backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, helping to ensure your data is always protected and accessible.

Bringing things full circle, your data is always on a journey, never reaching a “final” destination. Regardless of where your data lives now or in the (foreseeable and unforeseeable) future, you can be sure Veeam will deliver a simple, flexible and reliable platform that enables you to move your data as you need, while protecting and managing it along the journey.

Veeam is enabling significant portions of our 375,000+ users opting for Azure for their mission-critical applications and data. You can learn more about Veeam and Microsoft solutions here. You can also read Microsoft’s blog. Alternatively, feel free to take our solutions for a spin with a fully featured 30-day free trial of backup, recovery and migration to Azure, backing up Azure itself, or protecting Microsoft 365.

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