3 Critical Strategies for Protecting Remote Workers Data

The only constant is change and in times like these, we have been asked to quickly change daily routines and adjust to new business workflows by working and collaborating from home. As many organizations deal with the new rigors of remote-working and the challenge of protecting critical business data on PCs, we wanted to remind you of a few Veeam solutions that can help during stressful times and into the future. In this article, we’ll bring a Veeam perspective on tool configurations as well as provide some advice on business security and successful data protection. So, let’s dive a little deeper into this new remote equation and how to solve for it. Want to learn more, we have a webinar that goes deeper!

Standalone Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows Free Edition 

For anyone working with a Windows-based personal computer, Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows is a must-have software. It was designed for an average user, who might not have any administrative experience or just wants to get a job done quickly and efficiently. In order to get started, download the software from Veeam.com and launch the installation. It doesn’t ask much, other than to agree with Veeam EULA and optionally create bootable media (which will be helpful should your PC show a blue screen or doesn’t boot at all). The process takes just a few moments.

Make sure you point it to an external HDD/SSD, network-attached storage or even a USB drive to store a copy of data. This provides the option to throttle backups when the system is busy or to automatically start the process when the target is connected (ex. you plug in the USB backup drive). 14 daily points should be pretty good for the stuff you’re working with. Additional ad-hoc backups should be implemented for storing a collection of pictures and/or videos for longer periods of time, thus ensuring protection of this less often accessed, yet very valuable information.

Managed Veeam Agents

Ok, let’s add remote working into the equation. Now, you have been challenged to solve for several new variables that tie into your standard backup target, backup management and scheduling options. While still adhering to new or existing corporate asset security policies, remote network connectivity significantly impacts the strategy you take in solving your data protection equation. IT administrators want to ensure remote workers’ data gets saved, securely transferred to company premises, and placed together in a central repository for space-saving and recovery operations. 

Veeam Backup & Replication gives you multiple options to deploy and manage Veeam Agents on computers. You don’t need to install, set up and operate an Agent on every machine whose data you want to protect. Instead, you can perform the whole set of deployment, administration, data protection and disaster recovery tasks remotely from the Veeam Backup & Replication console. These jobs and policies provide a unique ability for IT administrators to control backup configuration and management, while still allowing end users access to complete file and volume-level recovery operations, and create Ad-Hoc backups while keeping the full advantage of backup resume and cache functionalities.     

Veeam Powered Network

With everyone working from home, there is no united corporate network environment anymore, is there? What if you need to organize a virtual corporate network where everyone can securely share information, exchange files and access shares at once, but don’t want to dig into various manuals and difficult instructions. Veeam Powered Network comes to the rescue here.

This FREE solution allows administrators to create, configure and connect both site-to-site and point-to-site VPN tunnels — all easily through an intuitive, simple UI within just a couple of clicks. What’s specifically great about this product is it doesn’t require time-consuming education and can be literally configured within a few minutes. Moreover, the main component (HUB) is deployable via the Azure or AWS Marketplace, so most of the installation burdens are hidden if you prefer this way. With DNS forwarding and resolving FQDNs in connected sites, the tool is even more convenient for end users and network administrators.

Veeam-powered BaaS & DRaaS

So what happens if you don’t have the in-house expertise or infrastructure to implement and manage a comprehensive data protection solution for your distributed workforce? Or maybe you do, but you need those folks (and dollars!) freed up for other priority projects? That’s where Veeam’s global network of cloud and service providers can come to the rescue! Our VCSP partners offer a full range of Veeam-powered solutions and services to make sure your data is protected and always available, no matter where it resides. Browse our Service Provider directory, or learn more about the benefits of making the move to managed cloud services.

Now that you had a small glimpse into different common scenarios/tools, feel free to take a little time and try one for yourself to solve the remote equation with your own variables. Should you need a little help, visit our Remote Workers’ solutions page, contact Veeam Sales and work with one of our SEs.  Also, join Andrew and Travis for the remote tools webinar, where they will extend on this information, discuss all the mentioned products in real time and show live demos.  We’re here for you!

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