3 storage options against ransomware

Now that there is a firm foundation with the Veeam server protected and you now know why the 3-2-1 Rule is a crucial concept for fighting ransomware, this article can help you build out your impenetrable options.

Everyday ransomware finds a new way to slip into an environment, from clicking on the wrong site to a compromised set of credentials. This leaves the very real feeling that you already are or will be infected. But there are ways to make it easier to sleep at night by implementing what we call the impenetrables – the form factors that are resilient ransomware. Veeam offers three ways to protect your data from even the nastiest ransomware attack. Let’s see how they can help give you peace of mind in the face of disaster.

Capacity Tier

In version 10 of Veeam Backup & Replication, we are excited to introduce our latest step in the fight against ransomware with the addition of immutability in Capacity Tier. This tier leverages a native function of the object storage that prevents blocks from being changed or overwritten once stored for a specified amount of time. The means not even a malicious admin in the company who has access to everything can remove or modify the backups, let alone a ransomware attack. This innovative new feature has quickly become one of the most popular defenses against ransomware.

We also now offer the ability to copy the backups off site immediately after the backup is created with the new Capacity Tier feature – Copy Mode. Now there’s no need to wait for a backup chain to be closed before the backups are safe on the Capacity Tier. This option can have a higher cost for long-term retention types but is one of the most secure off-premises ways to save your backups.


Tape can be a great asset when it comes to laying down a defense against ransomware. Tapes are less likely to be hit by ransomware, which means your data is safer in the event of an attack. The cost per TB of storage can be as low as $5, meaning there can be redundant copies of the backup data kept and rotated to be offline (air gapped) for a reasonable cost. There is nothing more protected from a ransomware attack than media that is disconnected from the network. This technology can have an image of being archaic but is arguably the cheapest option for an on-premises solution. 

Rotated media

Rotated media is a repository option we have had for years, with many customers successfully protecting themselves from ransomware attacks. This technology allows to swap hard drives for the backup chains, so that one or more hard drives are offline and air gapped from the network in case of an attack. It is possible to configure this type of repository as a direct connect drive or as a share across the network. The rotated media repository option is very flexible and one of the most overlooked repository features we offer to protect against ransomware.

Everyday ransomware is evolving and with every release we offer new solutions to protect against those evolutions. Veeam helps you face these potential disasters by offering features to give you peace of mind and that your environment will survive an attack with the least amount of damage. Now that you have a firm grasp on impermeable options, the next step is to see the DR and Backup as a Service options and how it helps to have someone on your side.


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