Veeam reaffirms Service Provider commitment at Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire is finally here, and I can’t think of a better way to kick-off this event than announcing Veeam’s support for Microsoft Azure Lighthouse. Azure Lighthouse delivers capabilities for cross customer management at scale for service providers to differentiate and benefit from greater efficiency and automation, and with this, helps Veeam accelerate our Cloud Data Management leadership!

Azure Lighthouse comes equipped with a set of enhanced APIs which enables Veeam to build cross-customer management capabilities into our Azure-based backup offerings. Key to this new offering is the ability to leverage the Azure delegated resource management functionality, which enables Service Providers to obtain precise and granular access to their customers’ Azure resources and eliminate manual and time-consuming efforts through automation.

Integration with Azure Lighthouse is a true game-changer for Veeam, and when generally available later this year, our new solution will enable Veeam Cloud & Service Providers (VCSPs) to use Azure Lighthouse single pane-of-glass view within our Azure-based backup solutions. For service providers, they will be able to manage hundreds of customers and potentially thousands of Azure subscriptions all from a single portal.

As more production workloads move to public clouds, it’s becoming increasingly more attractive for service providers to add revenue-generating Backup as a Service (BaaS) to their line cards, driving more value for their existing install base, and attracting new customers looking to offload some or all their data management needs to an expert. Service providers rely on an optimized workflow, so they can deliver services to their customers right when they need them — securely, simply and, most importantly, reliably.

Azure Lighthouse is the latest in Veeam’s integrations for Microsoft Azure this year, which include Veeam Cloud Tier, with native integration to Microsoft Azure Blob, combining scalable cloud storage capacity with the cost-effectiveness of “cool” storage in Azure. In addition, our release of Veeam Cloud Mobility which makes it as easy as two-steps to rehost Veeam-powered backups in Microsoft Azure. Thirdly, our integration with Microsoft Azure Data Box, enabling customers to quickly seed petabytes of Veeam backup data to Microsoft Azure data centers. And, we are just getting started!

Veeam is a 100% channel organization, with 23,500+ Veeam Cloud & Service Providers (VCSP) fueling our double-digit revenue growth. And, unlike other vendors in the data protection space, Veeam doesn’t compete with its partners – including service provider partners. Instead, we partner with providers and vendors to deliver the best value to our joint customers. At Veeam, we offer a wealth of benefits, including purpose-built solutions and a dedicated licensing model that align to the operational expenditure model from which service providers bill their own customers. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on making it simple for our customers and partners to do business with us. Azure Lighthouse offering from Microsoft does exactly that! Together, we make it easy for service providers to ensure data is always available, protected and actively working for our customers’ businesses, delivering the most robust Cloud Data Management solution on the market.

Stay tuned to hear when this integration will become available. And If you’ll be joining us at Microsoft Inspire, I encourage you to stop by Veeam booth #1224 and connect with a Veeam expert on how we can help you take your services business to the next level.

Learn more about Veeam’s integrations with Microsoft:

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