Veeam Backup for Proxmox

Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE) has rapidly gained popularity as a robust open-source virtualization platform that combines virtual machines (VMs) and containerization technologies. With recent shifts in the market, its cost-effective ability to manage both VMs and containers on a single platform, along with its feature-rich capabilities, has appealed to businesses of all sizes. However, migrating your hypervisor platform is not a task for the faint of heart. Aside from ensuring feature functionality for your workloads, backups are often a disruptive force in this plan: can you continue to leverage the same backup platform, or restore your archives after the switch?

Today, Veeam is proud to announce our commitment to help make your migration to Proxmox VE a seamless experience. Following our successful introduction of support for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, we are excited to extend our support to Proxmox VE, adding to our extensive portfolio of supported platforms.

When Veeam Talks About Data Freedom, We Mean It

As many of you may find yourselves reevaluating hypervisor platforms, whether due to increased costs, digital transformation, or other factors, ensuring that their data remains safe and accessible throughout the journey is a critical concern. As data stewards, backup administrators must ensure that a decision made today will not adversely impact the business’s future ability to function.

Data Freedom is inherently a part of the Veeam Data Platform and has been for years – it is one of the core foundations that our customers, new and old, appreciate the most. But many key aspects to this concept are important to recognize:

  • An ecosystem built on vendor independence
  • It’s your data, not your backup vendor’s data
  • Your data protection shouldn’t dictate where your workloads need to run

Vendor Independence

Veeam’s solutions are designed to be highly flexible and adaptable, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with various virtualization, storage, and cloud platforms. This empowers you to choose the technologies that best suit your needs without being tied to a specific vendor. Your environment is dynamic, and whether it’s due to budget constraints or the need for new features, changes are inevitable. Whether you’re transitioning virtualization platforms, storage platforms, or public clouds, Veeam’s hardware and hypervisor independence ensures that you have the flexibility to use the tools that will best serve your business, enabling you to adapt and grow.

Universal Data Availability

Veeam Data Platform ensures that data is always available and accessible whenever and wherever needed. At its core, this can be accomplished using like-for-like or cross-platform Instant VM Recovery, granular file-level recovery, restores from storage array snapshots, or replication to facilitate rapid data restoration and minimize downtime.

But there is more to it than that. The ability to take workloads from on-premises and restore them to the public cloud, for example, enables you to get your business back online wherever you need it. Similarly, physical backups can be restored as Virtual Machines if spare hardware is not ready. Whether for DR purposes or as part of a migration strategy (physical to virtual, hypervisor to hypervisor, or on-premises to cloud), Veeam is a partner in that journey, before, during, and after.

Lastly, our self-describing backups ensure your data is portable and never locked behind a paywall. By avoiding proprietary file systems locked to hardware, you will always have access to your backups.

Multi-cloud Data Management

Veeam offers solutions that enable businesses to seamlessly manage and protect their data across multiple private and public or hybrid cloud platforms. This allows customers to leverage the advantages of different cloud environments while maintaining data availability and security.

Today, Veeam Data Platform supports five different hypervisors, multiple physical workloads (Solaris, AIX, and IBM Power just to name a few), enterprise applications, unstructured data, as well as major public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Although Proxmox VE is yet another notable addition to that list, it is also an indicator of Veeam’s continued development and devotion to protecting your data.

As an industry leader in data protection and management, Veeam always strives to expand its support for platforms that empower businesses. Now, Veeam is excited to announce its upcoming support for Proxmox VE, adding yet another robust platform to its extensive ecosystem.

With Veeam’s support, businesses using Proxmox VE will soon be able to leverage Veeam’s powerful backup solutions for comprehensive data protection. Veeam’s innovation in the field of data management ensures the preservation, accessibility, and recoverability of critical data in virtualized environments.


As businesses continue to adopt Proxmox VE as their preferred virtualization platform, the upcoming support from Veeam brings a new level of confidence in data protection and management. With Veeam’s industry-leading solutions, Proxmox VE users can ensure their data is protected, highly available, and recoverable.

Interested to learn more? Be sure to register for VeeamON where you’ll hear and see all the latest developments from the Veeam R&D team.

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