Announcing Veeam Data Cloud Vault

Hot on the heels of Veeam and Microsoft’s five-year strategic partnership announcement and the release of Veeam Data Cloud, I have exciting news for you. Veeam Data Cloud Vault is now Generally Available (GA)! Read on to learn why and how Veeam gives you the power to be Radically Resilient.

The Need for Secure Backup Storage

The breadth and magnitude of security events like ransomware are at all time highs, with bad actors continuously evolving their strategies to bring even the most sophisticatedly secure organizations to their knees. In fact, 93% of attacks explicitly target backups to inhibit a clean, successful recovery of data. Implementing a Zero Trust storage strategy is critical to avert cyber disasters, but doing so isn’t necessarily easy…

Cloud Storage to the Rescue?

Cloud storage – AKA Storage as a Service (STaaS) – has long been a go-to backup repository for countless organizations. On-demand availability, infinite scalability, and dozens of native security services make STaaS an appealing option to safeguard backups. Yet, enterprise and SMB organizations alike struggle with key cloud challenges, including cost management/bill shock, cloud security, and lack of resources/expertise topping their list.

Like all things worthwhile in life, it’s often easier said than done, but does it have to be that way…?

Introducing Veeam Data Cloud Vault – Secure Cloud Storage Made Easy

Today, Veeam delivers Veeam Data Cloud Vault (AKA Veeam Vault). A fully managed, secure cloud storage resource on Microsoft Azure.

Veeam Vault is purpose-built from the ground up to empower Veeam Data Platform users with the secure cloud storage they need for their backups while eliminating the headaches of managing infrastructure and unpredictable cloud cost models. Whether you want to directly write Veeam Data Platform backups to Veeam Vault or complement on-premises storage as part of a 3-2-1-1-0 strategy with copying and/or tiering, Veeam Vault has you covered!

Why Veeam Vault? Security

Veeam Vault is designed, built, and managed by Veeam’s Azure experts, so we take on the hard work of architecting Zero Trust cloud storage.

  • Logically air-gapped offsite, away from your production environment and securely access controlled.
  • Always Immutable, placing your data in a write-once read-many (WORM) state to stop bad actors encrypting, deleting or modifying.
  • Encrypted in-flight and at-rest using AES 256-bit algorithms in Veeam Data Platform, and only you hold the cryptographic keys.

Why Veeam Vault? Ease

You don’t need to be a cloud architect or engineer to get access to cloud storage that meets your needs today, and in the future.

  • Immediately available via Azure Marketplace gives you an on-demand STaaS resource that you can start writing backups to immediately.
  • Fully-managed with zero configuration, management or integration efforts. You let us know how much you need; we handle the rest.
  • 11-nines of durability, synchronously copied three times locally within your region of choice

Why Veeam Vault? Predictable

Say “so long” to the monthly bill shock that so often rears its head when fees for write and read API calls and egress aren’t accounted for.

  • All-inclusive pricing covers not just the storage component, but also write, immutability and read API calls, and egress for recovery
  • Scalability means you can seamlessly add more capacity as you grow, right-0sizing for your needs now and in the future
  • Fast recovery to meet the tightest SLOs by exclusively using Azure Blob Hot tier for the highest performance

Wrapping it Up

So that’s Veeam Vault in a nutshell! Whether you’re a tenured Veeam Data Platform user today or exploring Veeam and learning why 450,000+ organizations across the globe use us today, we’re now giving you a new storage option to complement the best data protection solution on the planet.

Head on over to our dedicated page for more information and get started in minutes on Azure Marketplace!

Head on over to our dedicated page for more information and get started in minutes on Azure Marketplace! We’ve listings dedicated to where you want your storage repository region to be in AMER, EMEA, APJ or LATAM

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