Veeam Service Provider Console v8: Elevating Cloud and Managed Services to New Heights

Following the significant 23H2 release of Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1, along with other platform enhancements and products, Veeam also introduced the Veeam Service Provider Console v8. With this release, our focus remains on enhancing cloud and managed service operations, enabling service providers globally to manage, report on, and protect data across all environments efficiently while continuing to enable self-service and visibility of services to our resellers and tenants. The Veeam Service Provider Console v8 extends its already strong and mature capabilities, especially in areas like enhanced security, improved managed infrastructure, and broader licensing integration, ensuring our partners and their tenants can leverage the Console more effectively.

The Veeam Service Provider Console is a complimentary tool designed to give cloud and managed service providers remote monitoring and management capabilities for Veeam-powered solutions. V8 enriches these core functionalities, allowing for deeper integration into our platform solutions protecting Microsoft 365, AWS, and Azure, alongside virtual machines protected by Veeam Backup & Replication and agents. More importantly, this version allows for the first time the self-service management of backup jobs on hosted Backup & Replication IaaS platforms.

Highlights of Veeam Service Provider Console v8

  • Enhanced Malware Detection and Security Alerting: Integration with the Veeam Data Platform offers real-time insights into security threats, enabling proactive defence mechanisms.
  • Streamlined Support Ticket Creation and Infrastructure Monitoring: Automated processes for log collection and submission simplify support operations, bolstered by intelligent diagnostics.
  • Simplified Management of Hosted Infrastructure: Advanced multi-tenant reporting, monitoring, and invoicing features ensure seamless management of diverse environments.
  • Over 120 New RESTful API Endpoints: These enhancements facilitate deeper automation and integration capabilities, allowing for customized service delivery.
  • UI/UX Improvements: The Console has received a significant facelift, improving navigation and the overall user experience.

Deeper Dive into Key Features

Proactive Security Measures: The integration with Veeam Data Platform for enhanced malware detection and security alerting signifies our commitment to bolstering your defenses against emerging threats which in turns adds additional value to your service offerings for your tenants and partners. This feature works with enhancements in Backup & Replication v12.1 to provide service providers with the tools needed to monitor and warn tenants about suspicious activities allowing a response.

Operational Efficiency: We have streamlined the support ticket creation process and managed infrastructure monitoring to save valuable time and resources. The automated log collection and ticket submission feature, coupled with the already existing Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics, underscores our dedication to simplifying your operations. By allowing the creation of tickets from within the Console’s UI and connecting through to Veeam Customer Support Portal for validation of support, multiple steps have been streamlined to get potential cases logged and solved quicker.

Multi-Tenant Environment Mastery: V8 introduces refined capabilities for managing multi-tenant environments, making it easier to assign backup jobs, generate reports, and invoice tenants. This has been a much sought after feature and is a great first step as the console becomes an even more powerful self-service tool for service providers. It ensures they can offer more personalized, efficient services to their clients while allowing them to take control of specific backup configurations.

RESTful API Innovations: With the understanding that service providers want to continue to programmatically access data from the Service Provider Console while also extended their own automation capabilities, the expansion of API endpoints continues to allow our service providers to be more flexible and in control of their self-service capabilities, enabling integrations with existing systems and facilitating the automation of key processes.

Why This Matters

In short, this matters because Veeam still very much believes in the power of our cloud and service providers and what they offer. In today’s IT landscape, service providers require tools that are not only powerful but also adaptable and add value to their service offerings. The Veeam Service Provider Console v8 continues to expand on our response to this need, offering a suite of enhancements that cater to the requirements of managed service providers. Whether it is through advanced security measures, operational efficiencies, or improved user experiences, V8 is designed to elevate your service delivery and help you stay ahead in the competitive managed services market.

As we continue to evolve the Veeam Service Provider Console, our goal remains to empower our partners with the best tools and technologies to manage and protect their customers’ data. V8 continues our commitment to offering a platform that not only meets the current demands of service providers but also anticipates future needs as we continue to build upon the platform.

Next Steps

Embrace the new capabilities of Veeam Service Provider Console v8 and discover how it can transform your service delivery. Visit our dedicated page to download or upgrade to the latest version, and take the first step towards a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly managed service offering.

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