Achieve Radical Resilience with Veeam’s Solutions

It’s time for a new Veeam Data Platform release! We could not be more excited to share how we can help you achieve the radical resilience that only comes from having complete confidence in your cyberthreat protection, response, and recovery.

With this latest release, Veeam continues to provide more of the tools you need to take a stand against cyberattacks. All these new tools are based on the foundation that began with Veeam Backup & Replication but continues to expand in both the depth and breadth of data protection.

You don’t have to look far to find examples of the devastating effects of cyberattacks. We’ve all seen an alarming increase in malware attacks over the past year, most notably in the form of ransomware. This is a big deal because these attacks literally cripple businesses.

Cybercriminals are Getting Smarter and Specifically Targeting Backups

  • According to a comprehensive and anonymous study conducted by Veeam in 2022, 76% of organizations were hit by a ransomware attack. This percentage increased to 85% in 2023, with 2/3 of surveyed organizations being hit more than once.
  • To prevent recovery, cybercriminals are also getting smarter and now specifically target backups. In our report, we found that 93% of ransomware attackers targeted backups with the intent to encrypt or destroy them.

Do you know why threat actors are targeting backups? Because without your valuable backups, you are almost guaranteed to pay the ransom or suffer disastrous consequences. Your backups are critical!

Backup is Your Best Line of Defense

Here at Veeam, we take the “backup is your last line of defense” even further and believe that backup is your BEST line of defense.

We know that when your primary data and your backups are encrypted or destroyed during an attack, you can’t recover. And far too often, we see that when you can’t recover, you may go out of business.

This is why we’re excited to announce the New Veeam Data Platform 23H2 Update! Powered by Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1, Veeam ONE v12.1, and Veeam Recovery Orchestrator v7, this release is packed with new features that help reduce incident response time. With proactive threat hunting for your backups via SIEM, YARA, and NIST cybersecurity best practice integrations, Veeam Data Platform has your back and provides the confidence you need to take a stand against cyberattacks.

Detect and Identify Cyberthreats

To begin, our new built-in and AI-powered inline malware detection makes uncovering threats possible earlier in the lifecycle, therefore bringing you closer to the attack with real-time detection during the backup process.  

This new feature also lets your security team shift to performing proactive instead of reactive threat hunting, thanks to backup anomalies being immediately reported in your Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM) tools and ServiceNow.

Speaking of alerts, you can now get a second opinion from your trusted security platform by allowing it to accurately mark recovery points as clean, infected, or suspicious directly in the UI with the new Veeam Incident API.

Respond and Recover Faster from Ransomware

Secondly, we know that reinfection is a major concern for your IT and cybersecurity teams after an attack. With this new release, your teams can now leverage YARA content analysis to locate latent malware after each backup and before any restore so you can recover clean the first time.

Additionally, the new I/O Anomaly Visualizer makes your team aware of potentially anomalous disk activity when using Continuous Data Protection (CDP). This empowers you to roll back to the moment before infection with split-second precision.

Secure and Compliant Protection

Avoid the most common security mistakes when it comes to configuration by employing known best practices to mitigate against ransomware and other cyberattacks with our enhanced Security & Compliance Analyzer. Safeguard your backups and ease the burden associated with backup compliance by centrally managing your backup encryption keys via Key Management Systems (KMS).

You can also reinforce your best line of defense by preventing accidental or malicious backup deletion. Guaranteeing your survival, our new “Four-eyes Principle” (a.k.a. multi-admin authorization) backup protection requires a second administrator to approve any backup or backup repository deletions.

Finally, our new Veeam Threat Center pulls insights from your entire platform and infrastructure and combines them into a unified view that highlights threats, identifies risks, and provides you with a simple and powerful security scorecard for your entire backup environment.

We’re Just Getting Started!

In addition to the security-focused capabilities we announced on Oct. 24 at our VeeamON Resiliency Summit, there is so much more included in this release. Just to highlight a few of these features, Veeam Data Platform 23H2 Update now provides advancements across many areas, ranging from AI to storage. Let’s look at a few:

AI-Powered Assistance

Starting with our new AI assistant, you can now gain immediate in-product assistance by using generative AI that’s powered by large language models and trained in product documentation with real-time access to Veeam’s knowledge base.

Backup of Object Storage

Next up, to further embrace object storage, this release provides powerful restore capabilities for your on-premises or cloud object storage data, all secured by an ultra-resilient immutable backup. This may be the most sought-after capability in this release since it allows users to further leverage the cost savings and flexibility that on-premises and cloud object storage brings.

Plan for Failover Without Disruption

To keep your business even more available, you can now perform CDP-protected planned failovers without interrupting the workloads that run your business.

Automated Recovery Validation in Azure

Now, when you recover a workload into Microsoft Azure, you can save crucial time by automating those required manual post-recovery validation tasks.

Instant Recovery for PostgreSQL

Stay online and avoid business interruptions with instant availability for PostgreSQL, which allows users to work while data recovery and user change journaling occur in the background.

Dissimilar Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR) for Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX

You can now safely return essential AIX and Solaris operating systems to production on dissimilar hardware with secure, token based BMR.

Protect IBM Power

For any IBM shops out there, you can now finally eliminate the need for multiple backup solutions in your IBM datacenter with the new, fully certified plug-in for IBM DB2, Veeam Agent for Linux support for operating systems, and SAP HANA on IBM Power.

Deduplication-Aware Immutability

Speaking of immutability, easily persist immutability and retention when using deduplication storage that now includes EMC Data Domain and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy.

NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup Support

For NetApp users, you can protect even more data at scale with support for large volumes that run on NetApp ONTAP FlexGroups.

Start Your Journey to Radical Resilience Today

All of us at Veeam are excited to share these new capabilities that will surely help your IT and security teams make the shift to Radical Resilience. We are proud to be the partner that has your back as you take a stand against cyberattacks and keep your business running. The 1,000,000+ Veeam installations are a testament to your trust, and we are grateful to be your chosen data protection and cyber security partner. Act now to learn more by checking out our new demos, hands-on labs, and security blueprints.

Ready to take your environment to the next level?  Download Veeam Data Platform 23H2 now!


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