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I’m consistently amazed how Veeam’s intense focus on R&D drives technology innovation for our customers. Yet you cannot build solid solutions without understanding the goals of your customers. It was clear to me during VMworld 2019 US through customer conversations that the backup market is changing. Backup is still critical, but as customers are now building hybrid clouds, they need more than just backup. This becomes even more difficult with a multi-cloud strategy and challenges such as data criticality, growth, and sprawl coupled with the various tools and capabilities from disparate cloud providers can quickly complicate Cloud Data Management and protection.

In 2016, VMware and AWS announced a strategic alliance to build VMware Cloud on AWS. When the service launched, I was excited when Veeam was invited to participate as a design partner for VMware Cloud on AWS.

Veeam’s partner-centric strategy and ability to adapt to the market has been the cornerstone of success for more than a decade and is the foundation for Act II. It was clear that to succeed in this changing environment and take advantage of the new technologies offered by Veeam alliance partners like VMware, that we had to adapt.

In January, Veeam launched Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4, delivering new major capabilities that provide easy cloud migration and cloud mobility, cloud-native backup, cost-effective data retention, and portable cloud-ready licensing, increased security and data governance, and solutions to make it easier than ever for service providers to deliver Veeam-powered services to market. Yet customers did not have a way to discover and deploy third-party solutions that had been validated for VMware-based SDDCs, such as VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Provider Partners.

At VMworld US 2018, VMware announced the tech preview of the VMware Cloud Marketplace. At VMworld Europe 2018, VMware announced the beta version was available, and Veeam was eager to participate. During VMworld 2019, VMware announced the VMware Cloud Marketplace is initially available and customers can search for, quickly find, and rapidly deploy Veeam.

VMware provides a good overview of the additional benefits achieved with this launch, including:

By creating an account and signing on to the VMware Cloud Marketplace, you can easily search for and locate Veeam.

From day one, we have focused on partnerships to deliver customer value and our collaboration with VMware is no exception. We are delivering choice, flexibility and value to customers of all sizes. The collaboration with VMware regarding the VMware Cloud Marketplace epitomizes this approach and will help customers search for, quickly find, and rapidly deploy Veeam, a VMware Ready certified solution. I encourage you to visit the VMware Cloud Marketplace and download the .iso, and deploy it. Though you may not have been able to celebrate this achievement during the Veeam party on Tuesday, August 27th, I assure you our journey for Act II is only beginning.

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