You imported a Management Pack, now what… Part 3


In part 1 of these series we talked about MPs and in part 2 we did our preparations, imported an MP and created an override MP. So now we are ready for the next steps… Investigating the discoveries…

What? I want to fine-tune now…

While I can perfectly understand that, I always believed it is better to start looking at the discoveries first to understand what exactly is being discovered in your environment. If you know what is being discovered, you will also make it much easier for yourself to understand what is being monitored and when alerts arrive, how you can address them.

Many MPs have a very thorough manual that includes the discoveries so you can just read the manual and continue. In the case of the Veeam MP, the manual includes a complete Appendix on the different discoveries that are done by the Management Pack. That includes the discovery rule, frequency in seconds, target and discovered classes. As an example:


Discovery Rule Frequency, sec Target Discovered Classes
Veeam Hyper-V Cluster Disk Recovery 3600 Hyper-V Host · Hyper-V Host Cluster Physical Disk

· Hyper-V Cluster Disk

· Hyper-V Clustered Shared Volume

There are however quite a few manuals that don’t have that information included so you will need to do some investigation of your own. Luckily, this isn’t difficult to do…

Explore the discoveries

Go to Authoring -> Management Pack Objects -> Object Discoveries.

Change the scope so it only matches the management packs that you want to investigate

In this example, I’m reviewing one of the discoveries (database discovery) and I can actually see what classes and attributes it discovers, timing and so on.


Although this can’t be considered fine-tuning, investigating the discoveries can learn you a lot on how the management pack works, what exactly is discovered and what not and give you more insight in the management pack for troubleshooting.



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