Veeam’s inflection point has arrived: YOU need to be there!

In mathematics, an inflection point is a point of a curve where a change in the direction of curvature occurs. In business, an inflection point is a time of significant change in a situation, a turning point. At Veeam, 2016 marks our inflection point. Join us on Aug. 23, when we will be making the biggest product announcement in Veeam history. This virtual event will also mark one of the first public appearances on behalf of Veeam from Peter McKay, our new President and Chief Operating Officer.

biggest product announcement in Veeam history

Find out where Veeam products are going in the future and how, now more than ever, Veeam is delivering the Availability experience that’s expected today.

Along with my team of evangelists, I have been working diligently on highly relevant product content to help support this event. You may have read the agenda at the end of John’s post recently and learned that there will be demos and breakouts. These demos will tell the technical side of the story, and for the unannounced details, you’ll also get an exclusive first-look — at a feature that’s one of the MOST requested lately by Veeam customers and partners.

Here at Veeam, there are six core values that affect everything we do. One core value is Innovate and Iterate. New and existing Veeam products illustrate this mindset. Enhancements to products over the years are absolutely a result of feedback from customers, partners, prospects and industry trends.

Watch our Hollywoodian trailer to feel the excitement:

The other side of this core value is the development cadence (also known as Veeam Speed, another core value). With Veeam Backup & Replication, for example, the first version was released in the first quarter of 2008. That’s just over 8 years ago. Now we are up to v9 and promoting 9.5. This is Veeam Speed in its purest form!

Development cadence, innovation and iteration, while all delivered by products, also serve a larger purpose. These core values deliver the Availability experience now required by our customers and partners. This experience is important, especially as the technology landscape changes because this means that user needs are changing as well.

This online event will tell the story of Veeam products, which have brought us to today’s inflection point. I encourage you to register to attend. I’ll be on the team addressing questions if you have any specific technical questions about the announcement. We’ll also have an amazing group of Veeam evangelists and R&D people on hand to respond. Seriously, join us. I promise you’ll like what we’ve got planned!

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