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Watch 3-minute video
Watch 3-minute video

Veeam® Cloud Connect makes it easy for Veeam customers to extend their backup infrastructure to the cloud. Veeam Cloud Connect also makes it easy for service providers to offer hosted backup repositories or complete backup services with Veeam.

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Extending Backup to the Cloud

Everyone needs a place to store their backups off site. But many organizations don't have a second site, and rotating tapes or removable media off site is cumbersome. Increasingly, customers are turning to the cloud as a better alternative.

This creates a huge opportunity for service providers. Veeam Cloud Connect helps you seize the opportunity – to acquire new customers, build recurring revenue and enter the fast-growing cloud services market.

We have provided offsite backup and disaster recovery for Veeam customers since 2011. Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easier to offer these services at scale.

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How It Works

Veeam Cloud Connect integrates hosted backup repositories (called cloud repositories) directly into the Veeam backup console:

  • Your customers simply click “Add Service Provider” and enter the credentials you’ve given them.
  • Their cloud repositories appear in their backup infrastructure.

That's it! There’s no VPN, no separate console, and cloud repositories work like other backup repositories – except they’re available even if the primary backup or data center is lost.

Veeam Backup & Replication v9: Cloud Connect for Service Providers Reference Architecture
Customers can connect to - and search for - service providers offering cloud repositories directly from the Veeam backup console.
Customers can connect to - and search for - service providers offering cloud repositories directly from the Veeam backup console.

10-Minute Setup

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to be a target for Veeam backups – as a standalone offering, or as part of your Veeam-powered backup service. With a single server and in just 10 minutes, you can configure a cloud infrastructure for Veeam.

That infrastructure includes a cloud gateway that:

  • Virtualizes network traffic between you and your customers.
  • Securely transfers data over an SSL/TLS connection, using a single port to simplify firewall configuration and eliminate the need for a VPN connection.

You can even deploy multiple cloud gateways to enable high availability and automatic load balancing.

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For service providers and resellers looking to provide a managed backup solution and build (or add) a Backup as a Service revenue stream.

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A FREE, pre-configured Azure appliance that delivers cloud restore for your Veeam backups. Take your on-premises Windows-based VMs, physical servers and endpoints and restore or migrate them to the cloud.

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There has never been a better time to activate cloud backup and DRaaS! Take advantage of this limited time offer and get your data off-site in minutes.

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Veeam Cloud Connect was designed from the ground up for your multi-tenant hosting environment:

  • Segment a single backup repository into one or more cloud repositories, each with its own specified tenant.
  • Manage resource allocations and expiration dates for each tenant.

Cloud repositories are completely isolated from one another. Customers can also encrypt their backups – this is done at the source, before data leaves the customer’s network and without increasing bandwidth consumption. Because unlike a general purpose WAN accelerator, Veeam’s Built-in WAN Acceleration maintains data reduction ratios even with encrypted data streams.

Veeam Cloud Connect provides multi-tenant support, eliminates the need for VPN connections, and simpifies firewall configuration.
Veeam Cloud Connect provides multi-tenant support, eliminates the need for VPN connections and simplifies firewall configuration.

Don’t Miss Out

Demand for cloud backup is on the rise, thanks to growing acceptance of hosted solutions, the need for 24x7 access to applications and data, and renewed focus by IT on revenue-generating activities (and the resulting demand for managed backup and other services).

Veeam is the ideal way for you to participate – and succeed – in this fast-growing market:

The best service provider program in the industry: with flexible deployment options and monthly “pay as you grow” rental. Learn more

255,000 customers: many of whom are looking for a place to store backups offsite.

47,000 partners: many of whom are looking for a Cloud Connect service to recommend or resell to their Veeam customers.

Zero competition from Veeam: We don’t offer our own cloud or our own backup service – instead, we enable our partners to!

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