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  • Management Simplicity
  • Affordability
  • Sophisticated, Yet Simple
  • No Backup Administrator Dependency
  • Unmatched User Autonomy & Technical Support
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  • Veeam vs. Commvault Executive Brief
  • Veeam Data Platform Feature Comparison

Want to Simplify Backup? Choose Veeam

Commvault may protect a wide range of workloads and offer a broad set of features, but at the cost of a complexity that makes you highly dependent on highly skilled Backup Administrators and consultants.

Management Simplicity

Deploy and manage data protection with half the staff that Commvault needs, thanks to a simpler architecture, intuitive wizards and many user resources.


Lower costs by spending less on Professional Services, needing half the management staff that Commvault needs and using instance licenses instead of capacity ones.

Sophisticated, Yet Simple

Eliminate manual work by fully automating processes, thanks to advanced functionalities that you can set up yourself.

No Backup Administrator Dependency

Make your data protection strategy resilient, as non-backup IT staff can handle backup and recovery when your Backup Administrator is absent, thanks to Veeam's user-friendliness.

Unmatched User Autonomy & Technical Support

Easily fix issues thanks to many user resources, and get prompt support if needed (15 support centers, 10 languages, +97% satisfaction).

Veeam Is The Choice For More Than 450K Organizations Around The World

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Feature Comparison

8 Reasons to Choose Veeam Over Commvault


Veeam Benefits

Commvault Limitations

Infrastructure architecting, sizing, and setup

Simpler infrastructure

Architecting, sizing and deploying Veeam's infrastructure is easier as there are fewer factors to consider.

Complicated infrastructure optimization: Correctly architecting, sizing, deploying, and scaling deduplication servers and backup jobs to optimize deduplication takes expertise and time.

Scale‑out backup repository

Simple scale‑out repositories

Built‑in features to pool repositories and automatically move data across storage tiers. Easy management via advanced settings (i.e. maintenance, sealing, rebalancing). No add‑on license fees.

Cumbersome scale‑out repositories: Poor built‑in storage pooling capabilities (i.e. not all storage types can be mixed, lack of settings like maintenance or evacuation modes). HyperScale X required for scale‑out backup storage (separate product that needs extra licenses charged per backend TB).

Continuous data protection

Proven CDP

Provide RPO of seconds to business critical VMs by replicating them with proven VAIO‑based continuous data replication (CDP). Customize the replication frequency to achieve any RPO.

Questionable CDP: Commvault released its VAIO‑based CDP 4+ years ago. Yet, it is marginally promoted. We suggest a thorough test of Commvault’s VAIO‑based CDP.

Recoverability verification

Advanced verification

Automatically verify recoverability of backups, snapshots and replicas, with advanced pre‑built tests, in isolated sandboxes.

Insufficient verification: Verification Only ensures that data chunks are readable/accessible, but not that restored data is usable, lacking advanced tests in an isolated lab (Virtual Lab is manual, lacks advanced tests, and has limited sandbox isolation options).

Recoverability orchestration

Sophisticated orchestration

Advanced recovery plans with built‑in and custom steps (beyond VM boot order), automated test of DR plans viability, and detailed reports on plans’ definition and readiness.

Insufficient orchestration: Basic recovery plans limited to VM boot order. No automated process to verify that DR plans may run successfully. No automated reports with details about DR plan steps and readiness.

Instant recovery

Powerful instant recovery

Instant recovery for many workloads: VM, physical servers, NAS, databases and workstations. Cross‑platform instant recovery (i.e. VMware to Hyper‑V).

Basic instant recovery: Instant recovery for VM only (instant publish for databases). No cross‑platform recovery (only standard conversion).

Application support

Agentless application awareness

Agentless application‑aware backup and intuitive granular application item recovery for Microsoft, Oracle and PostgreSQL applications.

Agent‑based application awareness: In‑guest application plug‑ins (Agents) installed on VM for application‑aware backup and granular application item recovery. Cumbersome application item restore wizards.

Malware-free restore

Secure restore

Automatically scan data for malware during restore and identify the most recent clean restore point, using Veeam’s built‑in capabilities as well as 3rd party threat detection tools.

No clean restore: No automated scanning of backups for malware during restore. Commvault can only run a separate job to scan backups using malware signatures maintained by Commvault.

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  • The Definitive Guide to Veeam Whitepaper
  • Veeam vs. Commvault Executive Brief
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Veeam Protects the World’s Biggest Brands

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Why Veeam Wins Over Commvault


Once we began using Veeam to back up Microsoft 365 data to Azure, it became a known quantity. Backup and recovery are faster and easier, so we replaced Commvault with Veeam to back up our VMs to Azure too.

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Twenty clicks with Commvault gives you the same result as two clicks with Veeam. We needed a solution that was intuitive and capable of more than backup.

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City of Birmingham

Our requirements were simplicity, flexibility and affordability”. “Veeam was the only solution to meet all three requirements, and when we compared Veeam pricing to Commvault, Veeam was $50,000 less expensive.

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Leader in Data Protection

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Leader in Data Protection

Wp cover preview data protection trends

Data Protection Trends Report 2024

Our 5th annual report of data protection strategies of up to 13,300 organizations between 2020-2026

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