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Protect cloud applications and data

Hyper-Availability for any app, any data, on any cloud

Even though your business data resides in public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) environments, the protection of this data remains your responsibility. You own the data, you need to have direct access to it, and you need to be in control.

Whether using a SaaS application like Microsoft Office 365, or building and running applications in the public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud or workloads in other public clouds, you can backup and protect your business-critical applications and data using Veeam®. Stay in control and protected by storing your backups in the cloud or in your primary data center.

IaaS and SaaS Backup

Backing up IaaS and SaaS environments enables you to remain in control of your data
  • Back up cloud-based IaaS apps and data
  • Back up Office 365 SaaS data

What is your Hyper-Availability strategy for your applications running in the cloud? Many enterprises that run cloud-based applications assume those workloads are protected on their behalf, but the reality is you are responsible for complete data protection.

Public clouds are responsible for the underlying infrastructure that your workloads run on, but they are not intended as a backup solution. Human error, retention policy misunderstandings, as well as internal and external security threats still exist in the cloud and require a strategic backup and recovery plan. The Veeam Agents ensure the Availability of Windows and Linux workloads running on any public cloud, including Azure Virtual Machines and Amazon EC2 instances. You can also backup and recover workloads running in the IBM Cloud.

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Microsoft Office 365 includes built-in georedundancy to ensure your users remain connected, but they are not responsible for your data — you are. Do you have control of your Office 365 data? Is your data protected in the event of a malicious attack or accidental deletion?

Microsoft is empowering you to take responsibility of and protect your data. In today’s digital transformation, it is all too common to see accidental deletion scenarios, retention policy gaps and internal or external security threats - this makes an Office 365 backup a necessity.

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Veeam Agent 
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Backup and Recovery
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Veeam Backup 
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