How to enable users to restore their own items from latest backup

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You need to create an ever-running SureBackup job with the application in question, and provide a convenient DNS name for it.

  1. Create a new application group with VMs running the required application and its dependencies.
  2. Create a new SureBackup job and select "Keep application group running", then schedule it to run after each backup.
  3. Open settings for Virtual Lab used by SureBackup job, and edit static IP mapping feature to map isolated IP address of required VM to some unused IP address in the production network.
  4. Update production DNS and assign simple DNS name to the IP address chosen earlier. For example, "exchange-yesterday."
With that in place, any user in the production environment will be able to access the server running from the latest backup in the isolated environment by this DNS name. Any VMs published in such a way will be running until the next backup job is started. The next run of a backup job will stop any linked SureBackup jobs, and perform the backup. Then the SureBackup job will start using the newly created or latest backup file according to its schedule, and will run for the whole day until the next backup. Effectively, you will have a copy of the application running from last night's backup always available to users behind an easy to remember DNS name - enabling them to logon to a familiar user interface and recover any data they need. This system will require no maintenance whatsoever.

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