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Failed to write data to the file *.vbk - file too large



The file system or operating system of the Linux repository does not support the size of the backup file.
The maximum file size on a particular repository server depends on a number of factors and can vary with block size, between kernel versions, and between versions of a file system. For example, SLES 11 32-bit has a kernel-based file size limitation of 2 TiB. Older kernels or distributions that lack large file support may have a file size limit as small as 2 GiB.
File system limitations encountered by typical jobs include:
File SystemMaximum File Size
FAT324 GiB
Ext3, 1KiB block size16 GiB
Ext3, 2KiB block size256 GiB
Ext3, 4KiB+ block size2 TiB
Ext4, 1KiB block size4 TiB
Ext4, 2KiB block size8 TiB
Ext4, 4KiB block size16 TiB
If you have specified an ESX 4.x host as a Linux repository, the following limitations apply:
File SystemMaximum File Size
VMFS3, 1KiB block size256 GiB
VMFS3, 2KiB block size512 GiB
VMFS3, 4KiB block size1 TiB
VMFS3, 8KiB block size2 TiB minus 512B


To resolve this issue, you can do any of the following:
  • Copy any files currently on the repository to another storage device, then reformat the disk with a file system that supports larger files, such as XFS.
  • Replace the operating system of the 32-bit Linux repository server with 64-bit Linux (if applicable).
  • Point the job to a repository that supports larger files.
Divide the VMs in the job among several smaller jobs. 

More information

Please see the following VMware Knowledge Base article for more information about block size requirements:

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