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Veeam ONE Fails to Collect Performance Data from a Hyper-V Host

KB ID: 1738
Product: Veeam ONE
Version: 6.x-9.x
Published: 2013-05-15
Last Modified: 2020-08-13


Veeam ONE may fail to collect performance data from one or multiple Hyper-V hosts but is able to collect infrastructure and topology data. Veeam ONE may not report an error, however, no performance data is present when viewing the performance graphs in the Veeam ONE Monitor Client.


There can be several root causes for this.

1. Insufficient permissions for the account used by Veeam ONE to collect the data from the Hyper-V host.
2. Services which Veeam ONE relies on are not running on the Hyper-V host.
3. There is no performance data available in the Microsoft Performance monitor on the Hyper-V host due to either corrupt, modified, or missing Windows performance counters or performance counter sets on the host system. Third-party applications can also be responsible for modifying the default Performance Monitor counter set configuration.



To resolve permissions issue, make sure the account follows the requirements specified in Veeam ONE Deployment guide.

NOTE: All the permissions should be specified using the domain\username prefix.


To fix the issue with services, verify that the following services are up and running on the Hyper-V host: RemoteRegistry, RemoteProcedureCall, Windows Management Instrumentation.

Performance counters

Confirm integrity issue
The presence and integrity of the Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe) performance counters and counter sets needs to be verified on the Hyper-V host experiencing the issue to confirm the cause of the issue.

Use one of the two methods for verifying the integrity of the performance counters outlined below:

1. Open perfmon.exe on the host system experiencing the issue, then select Performance Monitor in the navigation panel of the utility and click the green plus sign to open the list of available performance counters. Next, verify that the following performance counter sets are available:
  • Memory
  • Network Adapter
  • LogicalDisk
  • PhysicalDisk
  • Cluster CSV Block Redirection
  • Cluster CSV Coordinator
  • Cluster CSV File System
  • Cluster CSV Volume Cache
  • Cluster CSV Volume Manager
  • Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Balancer
  • Hyper-V Dynamic Memory VM
  • Hyper-V Hypervisor Logical Processor
  • Hyper-V Hypervisor Virtual Processor
  • Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device
  • Hyper-V Virtual Network Adapter
  • Hyper-V Virtual Switch
2. Alternatively, run the following Powershell script on the host system experiencing the issue: 
$HvPerfCounters = (
Get-Counter -ListSet Memory, 'Network Adapter', LogicalDisk, PhysicalDisk, 
 'Cluster CSV Block Redirection', 'Cluster CSV Coordinator', 'Cluster CSV File System', 
 'Cluster CSV Volume Cache', 'Cluster CSV Volume Manager', 'Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Balancer', 
 'Hyper-V Dynamic Memory VM', 'Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device', 'Hyper-V Hypervisor Logical Processor', 
 'Hyper-V Hypervisor Virtual Processor', 'Hyper-V Virtual Network Adapter', 'Hyper-V Virtual Switch')
$HvPerfCounters | Format-List -Property CounterSetName, Paths

The cause of the issue can be confirmed as corrupt or missing performance counters or performance counter sets if an error is reported while the script is gathering the included performance counter sets. 

Resolve integrity issue
To resolve the corrupted counters issue, the Performance Counters and Performance Counter Sets on the affected Hyper-V host must be rebuilt by following the instructions outlined below.

1. Open the Administrative (elevated) command prompt on the affected Hyper-V host.

2. Run the following commands in sequence in order to rebuild the counters:
      cd c:\windows\system32
      lodctr /R
      cd c:\windows\sysWOW64
      lodctr /R​

3. Run the following command to re-sync the counters with WMI:

4. Restart both the Performance Logs and Alerts service and the Windows Management Instrumentation service.

        - Optionally, you may reboot the affected Hyper-V host once steps 2 and 3 have been completed.

5. Check whether the performance counters are available.

More information

For more information on issues with Windows Performance Counters or rebuilding Windows Performance Counters, refer to the following Microsoft KB Article.
KB ID: 1738
Product: Veeam ONE
Version: 6.x-9.x
Published: 2013-05-15
Last Modified: 2020-08-13

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