Health Service dropped data

KB ID: 1765
Product: Veeam Management Pack for System Center
Version: 6.0
Last Modified: 2017-12-08


The following alerts can be seen in SCOM  "Veeam Collector: Health Service dropped data" for agents located at the Veeam collector servers, additionally "Veeam Collector: Health Service workflows failed" alerts come to SCOM console.

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The settings of SCOM agent are correct (please see KB1026), clearing OpsMgr cache helps for a short amount of time.   

The OperationsManager log on Veeam Collector machine shows events 4506, 1103 and 21405.


The issue is caused by unsupported decimal symbol setting under Veeam Collector service account. 


Steps to resolve the issue are:
1) Log in to Veeam Collector server under Veeam Collector service account
2) Open Control Panel -> Region and Language ->Additional Settings
3) Change Decimal symbol to "." (dot)
4) Restart Veeam VMware Collector service
5) Clear OpsMgr cache (please see KB1043

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