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Error installing BEM – System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array


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As indicated by this line in the error message "VmEMSetup.Dialogs.VMEMDialog_AddConfig.EnumSSLCertificates()", there is an issue parsing certificates with an empty Subject field, and they will need to be removed. The offending certificates are not self-signed because they are generated from Active Directory Certificate Services.


Remove the certificates that are causing the problem. To do so:

1. First, log onto the Enterprise Manager server and perform the following steps:

·         You will need a small .EXE that will assist with this workaround. Please request the zip file with this .EXE from Support.
·         Download the zip file to the Web Server we are trying to install the Enterprise Manager onto. Once the zip file has been downloaded, extract both files to this directory:
2. Now open the COMMAND PROMPT utility and run this command to execute the .EXE you just extracted: C:\Tools\EnumCert\EnumSSLCertificates.exe

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Press ENTER and then look at the list of certificates it generates. DO NOT close this window yet because we will need it after completing steps 3 through 6.
3. Click Start and then left-click on the ‘Run’ utility. Type mmc and press ENTER.

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4. Click File, then click Add/Remove Snap-Ins...

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A new window will appear allowing you to add the snap-in described in step 5.

5. Select Certificates, then click Add. Now select “Computer account” then click NEXT. Make sure "Local Computer" is select then click Finish. Lastly, click OK and the Certificates list should now appear in the left column.

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6. Click the + beside Certificates. Then click the + beside Personal. Now left-click on Certificates to view them.

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7. Remove the certificates that are listed in the COMMAND PROMPT window.

8. Try to Install the Enterprise Manager again.

More information

This occurs during installation of the Backup Enterprise Manager.
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Backup Enterprise Manager
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