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There is not enough space on the disk


You receive the error “There is not enough space on the disk” during backup, backup copy, or any operation that involves writing a file on a Windows server or CIFS share. There is more than sufficient space on the disk.


This error can be triggered by file system limits, file system quotas, or network share quotas. If the error is due to a file size limit, the job will always fail after transferring the same amount of data. If the error is due to a quota, subsequent job sessions will typically fail without transferring any data.
For example, a job fails with the following details in the report:

Error: Client error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host Exception from server: There is not enough space on the disk. Failed to write data to the file [D:\Backup\VM Backup\VM Backup2013-10-05T183834.vbk]. Failed to perform data backup.
In this example, the job always failed once the .vbk file reached 4 GiB, but the storage device had over 1TB free. It was formatted as FAT32.
Limitations encountered by typical jobs include:

File System Maximum File Size
FAT32 4 GiB
Ext3, 1KiB block size 16 GiB
Ext3, 2KiB block size 256 GiB
Ext3, 4KiB+ block size 2 TiB
Other file system limitations may be encountered by unusually large backup jobs.


If the error is due to a file system limitation, copy any files currently on this storage device to a temporary location on another storage device, and then reformat the disk (typically as NTFS).
If you are backing up to a CIFS share, the device containing the share will typically have a configuration webpage or other user interface where file system format and share quotas will be set. You may need to increase the quota or reformat the disk containing the share. Consult your storage vendor for more information.

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