How to reinstall vSphere Web Client plug-in for Veeam Backup & Replication

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You need to completely uninstall the plug-in and install it from scratch.


To reinstall the plug-in:

  1. In Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager, go to the vCenter Servers section of the Configuration view.
  2. Select the vCenter server you need and click Check version.
  3. If a connection to vCenter server was a success, and the plug-in is installed in vSphere Web Client, the Remove link will become active. Click the link to uninstall the plug-in.
  4. After the uninstall process completes, the plug-in status for the vCenter server in Enterprise Manager will change to Not installed. The plug-in will be also removed from the list of plug-ins in vSphere Web Client.
  5. On the vCenter server, restart the following services:
    • In case of plug-in with the HTML 5 user interface (for VMware vSphere 6.7 or later), restart two services: VMware vSphere Client (vsphere-ui) and VMware vSphere Web Client (vsphere-client for vCenter Server Appliance implementation or vspherewebclientsvc for vCenter Server on Microsoft Windows Server). 
    • In case of plug-in with the flex/flash user interface (for VMware vSphere 6.5 or earlier), restart the vCenter Web Client Service (vsphere-client for vCenter Server Appliance implementation or vspherewebclientsvc for vCenter Server on Microsoft Windows Server).
  6. Ensure no plug-in components remain on the vCenter server:
    • In case of vCenter Server Appliance, open an SSH session to vCenter Server Appliance and remove all entries that are returned by the find / -name '*veeam*' command.
    • In case of vCenter Server on Microsoft Windows Server, log in to the OS and remove all files and folders that contain veeam in their names from the %programdata%\vmware and %programfiles%\vmware folders.
  7. Install the plug-in once again. For details, see the Installing vSphere Web Client Plug-in section in the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Guide.

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