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Product: Veeam Backup & Replication
Version: 8.x, 9.x
Last Modified: 2016-06-23
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The need is presented that requires that a new backup set be created for a job.


*NOTE: Please ensure that the destination will have the space needed to start a new backup set.
1.   Find where the backup files are currently located.

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The location of the backup files can be found by finding the backup set entry under:
Within the properties of the backupset you will find the location of the backup set on storage.

2.   Remove the current backup set from the backups section.

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Right-click on the backup set and choose “Remove from backups”, this will leave the backup set on storage but remove it from the Veeam console and all the jobs to start a new backup set. (Please Note: This option is renamed to "Remove from Configuration" starting in version 9.0)

3.   Rename the folder where the backup files are located from step 1.
4.   Run the job to start a new backup set.

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Important Notes:
  • The files that we removed from the console will no longer be affected by retention policy and will stay where they were left until they are manually removed.
  • There may be multiple entries under Backups>Imported for the files that were removed from backups previously then were brought back in after a rescan of the repository.
  • For Backup Copy Jobs with Archival fulls enabled - Make sure to check the box to remove archived fulls when removing from configuration. Otherwise a new incremental from the most recent archived restore point will be created. 
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