Using VMware’s MOB (Managed Object Browser) to troubleshoot snapshot creation

Veeam Backup & Replication
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There presents a situation in which manual creation of a snapshot is needed.


First you must determine the Reference-ID for the VM to be tested. To discover this, navigate to the logging directory %programdata%\Veeam\Backup, within that directory find the folder that is named after the job that the VM is in. Open that folder and you will find a log named Task.<vmname>.<Ref-ID>.log
If the Ref-ID starts with “vm-“ the job is connecting to the vCenter server.
If the Ref-ID is just a number the job is connecting to a standalone host.
Now using an web browser navigate to: https://<vc/host ip>/mob/?moid=<Ref-ID>
Example for VC: https://abp-vc.abp.lab/mob/?moid=vm-688
Example for host: https://esxi1.abp.lab/mob/?moid=26
1.  Confirm that the name matches what is expected:

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2.  Click on “CreateSnapshot_Task”

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3.  In the window that pops up fill in the form.
(Note: If you are troubleshooting an issue where VMware Tools Quiescence was enable at the job level, enter a “yes” for the “quiesce” field. Otherwise leave both Boolean values set to no.)

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4.  Click “Invoke Method” to send the create snapshot task.
The snapshot creation task will then be processed. If the snapshot fails to create it is advised to contact VMware Support to investigate further.

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If the snapshot creation is successful, remember to remove it.


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