Uninstalling Veeam Collectors if a System Resource Pool Was Used for Auto-Deployment

KB ID: 1918
Product: Veeam Management Pack for System Center
Version: 7.0
Last Modified: 2017-12-08


If during auto-deployment of Veeam Collectors one of the system resource pools was used (All Management Servers Resource Pool, Notifications Resource Pool or AD Assignment Resource Pool), you will need to use the workaround described below to remove all collectors automatically.



Log on to Veeam Extensions Server (VES) and run regedit. Locate the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Virtualization Extensions for VMware\Manager

and set the value ResourcePool to a blank value. This will trigger uninstallation of all collectors, which can take up to 8 hours depending on the size of your infrastructure. To speed it up, you can restart HealthService on the VES Server.

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