Issue with Hyper-V Reports in MP builds and

KB ID: 1971
Product: Veeam Management Pack for System Center
Version: 7.0
Last Modified: 2014-12-05


The following Hyper-V reports show no performance data:

  • Performance Forecast for Hyper-V Clusters
  • Performance Forecast for Hyper-V Storage
  • Host Failure Modelling
  • What-If VM Deployment Planning (model existing VMs
  • What-If VM Deployment Planning (manual resource entry)
  • Virtual Machines. Right-sizing — VMs Oversized for Memory and CPU
  • Virtual Machines. Right-sizing — VMs Undersized for Memory and CPU

The ‘Virtual Machines. Idle VMs’ report shows no data for the % Memory Pressure metric.

The following Hyper-V report fails with error “An item with the same key has already been added”.
  • Configuration Tracking and Alert Correlation 


This is a known issue in the following builds of these Veeam MPs –

MP NameVersion
Veeam Hyper-V Analysis Reports7.0.0.1911
Veeam Hyper-V Views7.0.0.1913
Veeam Hyper-V Monitoring7.0.0.1913


The issue is resolved in the following Veeam MP builds – 

MP NameVersion
Veeam Hyper-V Analysis Reports7.0.0.1913
Veeam Hyper-V Views7.0.0.1914
Veeam Hyper-V Monitoring7.0.0.1914

More Information

The updated MPs are available in the latest MP 7.0 R2 download ISO or as a patch (zip file containing all 7.0 R2 MPs) from the patch download page.
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